Modular Smart phone Google Will Gain Development Kit in April

Idea Project Ara is allow the user to mount your own appliance, using separate pieces as camera and processor.

Google announced on Wednesday (26) the completion of the first Review Conference of the Ara Project developers. ARA is a platform for building modular mobile which is now under the tutelage of Google, but that was born at Motorola, before it was bought by Google. In negotiating the sale of Motorola for Lenovo in January, Google became the Division of futurísiticos projects.

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The idea of the project is that the smart phone is Ara fitted with easily removable blocks via, with components such as camera, memory, and processor. That way, users could buy separate parts and fit them into a substrate to create the set you desire.

Here are some pictures of the project Ara:

According to the text posted on the page of ATAP (Group of advanced technologies and projects responsible for Ara) on Google+, the event will mark the launch of the alpha release of MDK, the development kit. The MDK is a platform with specifications and references to implement free and contains everything you need to develop a modular cell. At the Conference, Google will give details of existing and projected resources in the Ara platform. In addition, the evaluation sessions will kit MDK alpha and the announcement of a series of challenges and prizes to developers.

The Conference will be held on 15 and 16 April in the computer history museum in Mountain View, in the USA, and will be broadcast over the internet.

Recently, Phonebloks, a community that has been working on the development of the modular smartphone since the project began, posted a video (in English) with project updates, including commenting on the departure of the Division to Google with the sale of Motorola.

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