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Monaco Resorts and Attractions

Monaco (Paradise in the palm of your hand or the Principality of luxury) is a dwarf state in southern Europe on the coast of the Ligurian Sea. According to smb, the capital is Monaco. The Principality consists of three cities.

The climate is subtropical, Mediterranean. Summers are hot and dry (+30*С) and mild rainy winters (+12*С). The climate of the country is quite mild. The Alps protect it from the cold winds of the Atlantic, and the sea breeze prevents the summer heat from settling in.

Religion – Catholicism.
The official language is French.
The casino in Monte Carlo is widely known.

The best time to visit is from May to September, when there is minimum rainfall and maximum temperature. And in May, Formula 1 Grand Prix races are held.

Monaco is the smallest state (an area of ​​​​2 square kilometers) stretching in a narrow strip along the famous Cote d’Azur. A state with a grand casino Monte Carlo, luxury cars and rich people. Monaco has always been famous for expensive vacations and the rich and famous come here to relax. Singers, actors and other rich people. The country has preserved ancient architecture and originality. It is impossible to just drive past this state without visiting local attractions.

Monaco is not just a city. This is an amazing state. People here live a special life, one that most of the inhabitants of the planet only dream of. The population of Monaco is about 35 thousand people, and only 5 thousand are the indigenous population. About 3 million people visit Monaco every year. tourists, which is a significant part of the principality’s income.

Incredible fact! Monaco is a country where everything is possible for a certain price! A country of great opportunities and stunning miracles. Excellent climate, Formula 1 Grand Prix, Monaco-Ville, Chapelle de la Misericord, Oceanographic Museum, Saint Martin Gardens, Atrium and Opera Hall, Japanese Garden. Holidays in Monaco evoke thoughts of luxury, wealth and prestige.

Resorts and attractions of Monaco

The city of Monaco-Ville is very reminiscent of a picture of the Middle Ages. It is located on a high rock in the open sea. Part of its wall is decorated with greenery and lined with red stone. In the city itself there are high chapels and the Royal Palace. For a long time the city was the center of the principality and from here the monarchs ruled their country.

The Oceanographic Museum in Monaco – an unforgettable heritage of Jacques Cousteau and Albert I An excellent museum for adults and children, extraordinary aquariums with many species of marine life. The aquarium is one of the best in Europe. The world-famous museum is located in the central part of the Principality in the Grimaldi rock.
The history of settlements on the rock begins from the 10th century BC, when the Phoenicians founded their settlement there. The Grimaldis came to power in 1297 when a force led by François Grimaldi captured the fortress from a rival Genoese clan. Dressed as a monk, Francois entered the fortress, and then opened its gates to his detachment. In memory of this, two monks brandishing swords are on the coat of arms of Monaco. In 1997, the Principality solemnly celebrated the 700th anniversary of the Grimaldi family. Since 2005, the country has been ruled by Prince Albert II.
The museum building is located at the edge of the cliff, and a submarine flaunts in front of its entrance. This is not only a unique museum of flora and fauna, but also in some way an architectural masterpiece where science and history are closely intertwined.

Have you been to Monte Carlo ? If not, then you haven’t been anywhere! First of all, this is of course a world-famous casino. And these are not the gaming clubs that you are used to seeing on the streets of our cities. the masterpiece created by the great French architect Charles Garnier in 1878 is stunning in its splendor. Everything here is imbued with the spirit of the times and the atmosphere itself makes you feel like you are involved in centuries-old history.

Interesting facts

Monaco has been leading its history since ancient times. Initially, the Phoenicians lived here, and later the Romans and Greeks joined them. The history of the state is very rich and replete with various upheavals.

Every year since 1929, Monaco has hosted the Monaco Grand Prix, which is part of the Formula 1 World Championship.

Monaco hosts one of the stages of the International Show Jumping Tournament. This stage is recognized as the most prestigious, where the most famous riders of the world participate.

In August every year, Monaco hosts matches for the UEFA Super Cup, in which the winner of the UEFA Champions League and the winner of the Europa League meet.

The country’s armed forces consist of 80 people, which is slightly less than the size of their military band, which plays 85 people.

Monaco Resorts