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Mongolia Resorts and Attractions

Mongolia is a state in Central Asia. Common borders with Russia in the north and with China in the west, east and south. Previously, Mongolia was part of the USSR and was considered the 16th union republic, but in 1991 the country declared independence.
The capital is Ulaanbaatar. The official language is Mongolian. Currency – Mongolian tugrik. Religion – Buddhism, Christianity.

The climate is sharply continental with cold winters and dry hot summers. Temperature from -35*С in winter to +35*С in summer.

According to smb, Mongolia is a country of blue skies, nomads and mysteries. A country for the harmony of soul and body. There is not much rainfall here. The holiday season starts from May and lasts until October. The country is rich in its endless sands, yurts, herds of sheep, camel caravans. The country has no access to the sea.

Geographically, Mongolia is a very large country, but only 3 million people live in it. Population density – 2 people. per km2. This means that there is practically no infrastructure outside the capital, and all life is somehow concentrated around Ulaanbaatar. But having decided to visit Mongolia and feel the atmosphere of this mysterious eastern country, remember that Mongolia is not only Ulaanbaatar, but also many other small and no less colorful cities. One of such places is the city of Bayan Khongor (founded in 1941), located 620 km. from the capital.

The most popular type of transport for moving within the country is MIAT and AN aircraft. But this mode of transport does not seem particularly safe.

Resorts and attractions of Mongolia

A layer of dust covers the face so that the skin begins to itch. A brutal jeep is my off-road horse, and I begin to love it, now understanding why a horse is always a friend and brother for a nomad. I carefully clean the surface from a thick layer of sand, rub the windshield to a shine. In this wild, harsh land, he saves me from both extreme wind and sandstorms that strike suddenly and sharply. It also saves from wet snow in the highlands, deserted, where only fear rages in the heart. But where are we going anyway?

Absolutely flat space, going to infinity, the sky is connected to the earth. What amazing geological processes have formed such a fantastic landscape. We spend the whole day staring at mirages. What lies ahead – illusion or reality? Here is a lake reflecting a Mongolian village with multi-colored bright roofs – won’t it melt as you approach? Or the dark peaks of the mountains that are visible on the horizon – do they really exist?
Khyargas Nur – Lake Khyargas – the beauty of those places is shocking – huge milky-emerald waves wash a clean shore with large smooth pebbles, fat white gulls sway on the waves, in the distance – blue silhouettes of mountains of a gentle pastel shade, and behind them – a real desert with sand dunes. Kilometers of the lunar-Martian landscape of Mongolia

Rest in Mongolia is original. Here you will not be able to sunbathe on the sandy beach or ride the sea on a jet ski. But you will have the opportunity to be in harmony with nature, to know yourself better, faced with the extreme conditions of Mongolian adventures.

This is an interesting country where an almost primitive way of life is combined with signs of civilization. These are endless steppes with scattered yurts and herds of yaks, cows, herds of horses, sheep flocks. The landscapes of this country of mysteries and secrets are extraordinarily beautiful. At the mention of Mongolia, a wide variety of images arise – the commander Genghis Khan, who conquered the whole world known to him, camels in the Gobi desert and the pride of Mongolia – its horses.

Mongolia is a developing country, but leaving the capital Ulaanbaatar, you will find yourself in a different era. This country is still the last stronghold of Asian wonders. Here life flows at a different pace than it did many hundreds of years ago. People from noisy cities come here to look at the pristine beauty of untouched nature and the primitive flavor of Mongolia.
The appearance of this steppe country of nomads has not changed over the past 1000 years. Mongolia is still rich in vast steppes, clear lakes and high mountains.

Interesting facts

The Mongol Empire was founded in 1206 as a result of the unification of the Mongol tribes by Genghis Khan. Reigned from 1206 to 1227. The Mongol empire formed in those days is unparalleled in history.

In Mongolian culture, love for one’s origin and family is valued.

In terms of the number of Olympic awards (per capita), Mongolia is ahead of many highly developed countries.

The personnel of the naval forces of Mongolia has 7 people. This country is landlocked, but this did not stop her from registering her shipping register in 2003. Since then, Mongolia has been increasing the number of ships flying its flag. I wonder what they hope for.

Mongolia Resorts