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Montenegro Resorts and Attractions

Montenegro is a state in southeastern Europe. Montenegro is located on the Balkan Peninsula, in the southernmost part of the Adriatic.

According to smb, the coast of Montenegro has the cleanest sea water. The transparency of the water provides great opportunities for scuba diving. The coast is covered with colorful pink, green, bluish, small, smooth pebbles.

Impressive with its beauty is the only fjord in southern Europe – Boka Kotorska, here is the world-famous resort of Igalo with its own microclimate and therapeutic mud, which helps in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

The population of Montenegro is Montenegrins and Serbs, the national minority is Albanians. The official language is Serbian. In many hotels, service information is duplicated in Russian and Russian TV programs are received.

The capital is Podgorica. The official language is Montenegrin. Currency – euro. Religion – Orthodoxy. Time is 2 hours behind Moscow time. The duration of the flight Moscow – Podgorica (Tivat) is approximately 3 hours.

Montenegro emerged as an independent state in the 18th century, separating from the Ottoman Empire.

About 625,000 people live in Montenegro. The country is included in the list of countries to visit.

The relief is predominantly mountainous. The climate in Montenegro is Mediterranean. The average annual air temperature is 17*С. The swimming season lasts from April to November.

Resorts and attractions of Montenegro

If you want to spend your holidays in a calm and beautiful country, then tours to Montenegro are a very good choice. The entertainment infrastructure of this country is at a very high level of development, which adds to the attractiveness of this country.
Excursions to local villages, getting to know the traditional way of life of the country, traveling through magnificent national parks will help you relax, have fun and get unforgettable impressions.

Interesting facts

In the 6th century, the Slavs came to these lands and mixed with the local tribes. In 1042 – the Slavic state of Duklja was proclaimed (after the victory over the Byzantines). In 1077 – Pope Gregory 7 recognized the state of Dukla and granted the title of rex Dioclea (King of Dukla) to its first ruler Prince Michael of the Vojislavovich dynasty. Subsequently, the state is called Zeta.

The Boyana River is the only river in the world that flows in both directions.

Water from the Tara River can be drunk without boiling, it is so pure. And in the Adriatic Sea you can see the bottom at a depth of 50 meters.

There is no central heating and gas supply in the country. They heat with stoves, electricity and use solar energy.

One olive tree in Bar is 2000 years old.

Railway communication is developed in the republic. The Adriatic Highway connects all settlements on the Adriatic coast. There is a ferry service to Italy.

Montenegro is a maritime country. That is why in her kitchen there are many dishes from fish and seafood. Although Montenegrins love meat very much. Spices are often used to prepare dishes, which gives the dishes a special piquant taste.

Shops are open daily from 6:00 to 20:00. In tourist centers – until 23:00. Some shops are also open on Sundays. Everywhere there are shops operating around the clock. Of the souvenirs, it is worth buying homespun tablecloths with a national pattern of extraordinary beauty.

It is allowed to import and export any amount of the declared currency. When departing from Montenegro, an airport tax is charged – 15 Euro.

Montenegro. Why this particular country?

There are many beautiful, interesting and amazing places in the world. And there are many reasons to see these places with your own eyes. Some travel for beautiful landscapes and good photos, others for the sake of getting to know new cultures, and someone just loves to lie on the beach and listen to the sound of the surf. Everyone is looking for a vacation and a country to taste. But there are countries where all this can be found together. Going to such a country it is already impossible to return the same.

Where you can relax in Montenegro

In the Durmitor National Park, you can have a great time among the majestic mountains and beautiful deep lakes. And on the coast you will have a rest on the sea and acquaintance with cultural monuments.

Black Lake is one of the main attractions of the Durmitor National Park. It got its name for its extraordinary depth and purity for the local landscape. Black Lake consists of two parts – large and small. In the spring, when the snow melts, water flows from a small part of the lake to a large one in the form of a small waterfall. The lake can be walked around in 3 hours. The lake is surrounded by small picturesque rocks.

Routes to the main attractions and the most beautiful places of the national park also include the Serpent’s Lake and the Medjed Mountains, Savin Kuk, Dragon’s Teeth, which are considered one of the most beautiful mountains in the Balkans.
They also include the Dzhurdzhevich Bridge across the canyon of the Tara River. This is the highest road bridge in Europe, over the deepest canyon in Europe. The bridge is 160 meters high and 366 meters long.
The bridge was built by engineer Lazar Yaukovich in 1938-1940. During the Second World War, Yaukovych blew up the bridge for which he was shot by the Nazis.

The highest point of the country (mountain Bobotov Kuk) with a height of 2522 m is also a kind of attraction. From the top of the mountain, a view of the whole of Montenegro and neighboring states opens up. According to legend, a person who has climbed this peak is cleansed of sins and begins to love life more.

“From a dizzying height, we looked at the basin, from where Shkrtskoye and Malaya lakes, like blue eyes, gleamed with their transparent waters.”
Oscar Bauman

The village of Petrovac, surrounded by mountains, is located in a wide valley on the seashore, half an hour’s drive from Budva, and was founded in the period of Ancient Rome. In the 16th century, the Venetians built the Castio fortress here (a significant part of it has survived to this day).
The village is separated from the sea by two sandy beaches. In the bay in front of the village there are two islands – Katic and the island of St. Nedelya, on the cliff of which a sailor built a church, according to legend, he escaped from a shipwreck there.

A unique grove of Mediterranean pine grows above Petrovac. Near Rizhevichi Monastery. You can get to the monastery by going through a tunnel in the rock.

The length of all beaches in Montenegro is 73 km. The beaches are located in bays closed from the wind and waves between steep cliffs. Water temperature +12*С, +26*C (May-October). In clear water you can see to a depth of 30 meters. On the coast there are also monasteries, the remains of fortresses and pirate strongholds.

The largest lake in the Balkan Peninsula is Lake Skadar. The area of ​​its water surface is 370 km2. The state border passes through the lake and two thirds of the lake are on the territory of Montenegro, and one third belongs to Albania. Pink pelicans nest on its shores of the lake.

Montenegrin cuisine can be divided into three areas – local, fish and Italian. Montenegrin wines deservedly attract the attention of connoisseurs. Business card – Montenegrin “Vranac”, “Krstach”, “Chardonnay”, “Sauvignon”. The highest quality strong drink is Krunak grape vodka.

Montenegro Resorts