More Problems for The Nexus 6 P: Seems to Have a Bug with The Microphone during a Call

The first users to try the brand new Nexus 6 p Google and Huawei have been weeks reporting various types of problems with their devices. First were the cases of bendgate, it seems that the phone could bend easily, and then came problems of cracks in the rear window of the device. Complaints are now at the microphone during a call.

In support of the Nexus devices forums, several users have complained (1, 2 and 3) that appears to have problems with the new Nexus 6 p microphones during calls. These users say that while speaking with someone, that person listen to them as if you were away, and the team of Google product It has started to investigate the causes problem.

While the first suspicions point to noise cancellation system, from Google are cautious. For this reason I have asked to those who are experiencing the problem that you give all the details that can, they have a team investigating the possible causes of this failure in search of a solution.

Therefore, if you are having problems with the quality of the sound of your Nexus 6 p microphone during talks you do not alarméis and arm you with patience. Some say that disabling the noise cancellation works, but if you want you complciar life it is best to expect Google to release an update with the solution.