Most Powerful LED Flashlight TrustFire Made of 3 Units of LED XML-T6

Previously we reviewed in Nergiza the LED torch XML-T6 , which we were pleasantly surprised with its lighting characteristics.

This time the people of Banggood, knowing our interest in LED flashlights, have sent us to review this mega-flashlight LED TrustFire with 3 units of LED XML-T6. If your little sister left us with a single LED of this type, we will see what happens with 3 LEDs in the same flashlight.


As we have already said, it incorporates 3 units of LED XML-T6 (Datasheet in pdf , model XMLAWT-00-0000-0000T6051), with color temperature between 5000K and 8300K (cold white), a LED more than tested in hundreds of types Of lanterns with very good results.

Possible settings

Being quite large and powerful, this LED flashlight has two possible configurations: 2 or 3 batteries. In the configuration of 3 batteries has a length of 29cm and allows us to incorporate 3 batteries Lithium Ion 1865. Removing one of the aluminum threaded bodies and placing the cover in place, we have a shorter torch (22cm) but where we can only To house two batteries.

The electrical connection of the system causes the batteries to be in series and the LEDs in parallel, so with two lithium-ion batteries, we will have somewhat less brightness than with 3 since the voltage with which each LED is fed is lower. Duration would be similar in both cases, according to the manufacturer 1.5h.

Modes Of Operation

This LED flashlight has  5 operating modes: maximum power, medium power, low power, flicker and SOS. Since it only has a push button, the mode change is made by pressing the button slightly, without reaching the “click”.

Our opinion

When this lantern is turned on, we will observe an illuminated zone composed of a central circle of high intensity and a large perimeter circle illuminated in a more subdued way. If we are on a mountain road for example, we will have a very strong illumination in the road (almost as if it were day) and good illumination on the sides (enough to see Santa Compaña or whatever appears there). This differs from other lanterns with a single LED, where we will find a uniformly illuminated circle that can vary its size according to the zoom position. Although this model lacks zoom, we do not think it is necessary for the reasons just mentioned.

Although it is very difficult to appreciate the great light power of this LED flashlight with a photo, we will try. We have taken an image of an area in almost complete darkness, and then we have turned on the flashlight and retaken the snapshot, both with the same camera parameters.

Keep in mind that we are not talking about a pocket flashlight or anything. In its configuration for 3 batteries measures 29 cm in length and weighs 490 gr (with batteries), which makes it completely incompatible with some uses. Even in its configuration of 2 batteries (22 cm 409 gr) is still quite large and heavy to go unnoticed. Let’s say that this LED flashlight is to carry in hand continuously, in a backpack or in the car, but not in the pocket. If you are looking for a powerful but more “portable” flashlight you can take a look at our review of the XML-T6 LED flashlight , or even your little sister Q5.

Where To Buy It

As for LED flashlights in general, taking a few laps around the net we have come to the conclusion that the Banggood online store has the best prices, and also do not charge shipping costs. As you will know in this type of Chinese stores we have to wait a lot if we select the free shipping method: about 15 days in our case. The price of the flashlight and its accessories is:

TrustFire 3x Cree XML-T6 Flashlight -€ 22.84 October 2013

Ultrafire 18650 3.7V 3600mAh Battery (3 pcs needed)-€ 1.68 October 2013

European Charger for batteries 18650 -€ 3.15 October 2013

European Charger + 1 battery 18650-€ 4,68 October 2013

Use the code “bglf” (without quotes) to get an 8% discount on LED flashlights in Banggood.