Musical Surroundings Fosgate Signature in the Test

The Fosgate signature by musical surroundings works completely with tube technology. The test shows how sounds the phono stage.

A boundless understatement to call, Jim Fosgate just a developer. The American has developed legendary Quadro Decoder, has soon made a name for first-class Car amplifiers (the company which he founded in Rockford Fosgate still exists today) and headed the Working Group, which developed Dolby Pro Logic 2 – for the home theater world at the time meant a revolutionary step, because thus convert was also dual-channel material in compelling virtual surround.

Musical surroundings Fosgate signature: Construction

Private listening Fosgate of dear LPs with tubes. The Phono Preamp, which bears his signature in its name and will be built by the US firm Musical Surroundings , revealed even more like the purist side of the universal genius: not a single transistor must stretch his legs into the signal path, the reinforcement of tiny MC voltages is done exclusively by tubes . Fosgate has avoided the tempting way of Step-Up transformers, because transformer also inevitably left their traces in the signal path.

For working on his phono stage equal to six double Triodes of the types of 12AX7, 12AT7 and 6922 (alias 6DJ8)-all elegant original Virgin from old production. They are arranged in a highly balanced, low-distortion SRPP circuit (shunt Regulted push-pull) and obtain their power not from regulated sources, that could allow even one or other repercussions between the different stages, but from giant capacitors, their upper parts clad with Tin cups protrude up from the deck of the amplifier.

Two separate channel toggle switch out, lifting the amplification factor by MM usual 42dB on MC-appropriate 60dB lie nearby. Either way the first gain stage – come from the direct interface to the system is particularly sensitive – without feedback, while the active low-frequency part of the RIAA equalization (so it describes at least Jim Fosgate) accomplish the following two levels with a combination of collaboration and feedback . From 1000 Hertz up a passive equalization the frequency then pulls completely straight.

Musical surroundings Fosgate signature: hearing test

Even though he looks pure metrological point of view not linear as the other Preamps in this test, the Fosgate in the listening test still managed the most natural reproduction. You had to research not long to come to this conclusion, but only a few minutes to listen – ear and soul included trust almost instantly to this preamp and meant her owners to now be testing and sit back in silence. Depending on the music also foot bounces right up front on the edge of the Chair to slide or to embarrass potentially through wild air drumming.

The spatial representation of something distanzierter than about the pure sound, the Fosgate is no phono stage, which starts one. And no, that can be easily described because the relaxed, natural accuracy of their play heavy made, individual advantages or disadvantages to isolate. Anyway, the melodic, knobby deep bass – a surface that thrive on the apparently very multifaceted, not Flash, but subtle mild colorful sound colours is great. So could the entire nine and a half minutes their classic Art Blakey and his Jazz Messengers “Moanin'” romp freely and without hindrance in the listening room. A break was not to think. It was much more exciting, turns to admire Blakey’s hypnotic Hardbop-drums and Jymie Merritt’s discreet precise double bass, while in the foreground, SAX, trumpet and piano celebrated their solos.

Who lifts the tonearm from the Groove at the bottom of the page and previously silent does not rotate, then discovered the only disadvantage of the signature: he roars stronger than the others and therefore more advisable for somewhat louder MCs.



Musical Surroundings Fosgate Signature im Test

Musical Surroundings Fosgate Signature im Test