Nails 26.08.11 – Space Nails II (Nail Design)

Second attempt a β†’ old nail design, as well as my return. She’s better at last toe, only as a brief update. I’m still antibiotics and must still beware that the toe of all is spared, but it keeps getting better and I can blog again easily. A lot of catching up to do I have anyway.

“Space Nails” today once again make the start. I felt like it, to once again slightly more creative act and lies in bed and have time then to do that also. I’ve invested so little more time and paints and painted a second version of the “space nails” (and spotted). The glitter topcoat with the larger Glitterpailletten was some hard feelings, because too much opaque was therefore a little arg – much glitzriger and Queen for the first time (but with an “asterisk”!). But not necessarily bad either, I think. The shade of green is something arg dominant on the photos in real-time through the last silvery topcoat in real but hardly visible. I like it! πŸ™‚ Used I have following Polish Army for this:

β€’ 1 coat ‘Fill The Gap’ (essie)
β€’ 1 coat “144 A – deep purple” (NOTD – “I am a Glitterati” LE)
β€’ 1 coat “DS Coronation” (OPI)

Dabbed up with makeup sponges:
β€’ “For Audrey” (China Glaze)
β€’ “Lilac Polish” (Eyeko)
β€’ ‘Blue’ (H & M mini LE spring 2011)
β€’ “Who the Shrek are you?” (OPI)

β€’ 1 coat “010 snow white” (p2 snow Glam LE)
β€’ 1 coat “142 A – holo-silver with silver glitter and big Glitterpailletten” (NOTD – “I am a Glitterati” LE) [as asterisks!]
β€’ 1 coat “good to go” (essie)

So the lacquer overflow. Despite everything, everything is so far quite quickly dried what is of course also because that much spotted and therefore it was not so thick. After 1 hour, all was good again. A slightly longer wait, but also a special nail design (even if some don’t like it).

Belongs to my Lieblings nail designs anyway, because it is not so cheap in spite of many colors and conspicuity (such as E.g. nail stickers or so, I find personally quite awful what!). It is something else and not for every day, but occasionally it may be something like that spaciges ever.

In the Sun by the way still a thousand times more beautiful than at artificial light (by two holo varnishes and the glitter topcoat)!

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