New Images of Alleged Cases of The Nexus 2015 5 Give Us More Clues about The Next Google

Although its presentation is not expected until late October or early November, now the rumors and leaks seem to focus on the next Nexus, above all in the expected 2015 5 nexus that Google would be able to offer a high-end very full with a set price.

Last week appeared the first images of a supposed Nexus 5 renewal cover showing on the back three holes, one rectangular and two circular. But the thing was not there, these days they have been popping up more images of alleged cases, and more quality and different angles that would allow us to decipher is what would take the 2015 5 nexus on the back.

According to rumors based on the filtration of the 2015 5 Nexus last week could carry two cameras rear, but with new images of their covers see as only the upper circular hole stands out, so it seems that there will only be a rear camera. Square hole seems to be the area where could go a double flash and some other sensor as an auto focus laser.

The bottom hole is still a mystery. Many are running it will fingerprint reader, although this position does not convince the majority of users, more than anything because it would require to take the mobile hand whenever we want to unlock the screen with our footprint. The reader of fingerprints on the back cover not is will unlock the phone on the table.