New Integrated Mobile CABLE Rate as Convergent Offer among Other Innovations

The second MVNO of The Phone House after Happy mobile which is focused on immigrants, is Mobile CABLE, a MVNO targeting local cable operators to offer converged services with offers on fiber from little more than 40 euros (+ IVA), and thus appease the uproar raised by Movistar Fusion.

Integra2 It is available for those who have contracted some service of fixed telephony, which includes 300 minutes all (more 300 minutes on mobile CABLE), 1 GB data with reduced speed to 64 Kbps excess and messages to 9 cents/SMS for a monthly fee of 19 euros.

In addition mobile CABLE premieres two new rates for any customer being the most interesting rate More X less further adjusting the price of 1 GB under Orange umbrella of promotional indefinitely even without the cost offered by mobile Tuenti although if improves the price of the minute to reduce it to 1.8 cents (more call set-up 15 cents) in Exchange for a share of 8 euros monthly.

To get to know all the details each rate, let’s see how is the complete range of mobile CABLE: