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Only a few kilometers from Manhattan, the state of New Jersey offers charming cities, fine sandy beaches and a true gambling paradise with Atlantic City.

New Jersey is located on the east coast of America and is one of the thirteen founding states in the United States. The so-called Garden State, which is the fourth smallest of all states in terms of area, borders New York in the north and Pennsylvania and Delaware in the west. With Jersey City and Newark, the largest cities in New Jersey belong to the metropolitan area of New York City.


Jersey City is directly opposite Manhattan, only separated by the Hudson River. The city has its own beautiful skyline on the waterfront and is definitely worth a detour. The Afro-American History Society Museum is one of the most moving museums in the United States.

The capital, Trenton, is in the south of the state on the Pennsylvania border. Although quite small, the city still has numerous sights. These include the State Capitol with its golden dome and the 18th century Trent House, which, like the city itself, was named after William Trent. The Gateway National Recreation Area on the Atlantic coast is one of the most beautiful national parks on the east coast. There are not only a wide variety of animal species to admire here, such as diamond turtles or seals – the North Beach is also a very fine sandy beach. Further south is the famous city of Atlantic City on the coast. The Las Vegas of the East has numerous hotels and casinos and should not be missed on any trip.

Travel tips and best travel time

The largest airport in New Jersey is Newark Liberty International Airport, which also has direct connections to several German cities.

Due to the short distances, you can also travel via John F. Kennedy Airport or Philadelphia International Airport. It should be noted that the time difference between the east coast and Germany is six hours. The temperate climate in New Jersey makes it easy to visit the state all year round.

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Visit the Liberty State Park and experience the magnificent view of the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan and much more.


Experience the beautiful 19th century Victorian villas and the excellent beaches of Cape May.


Discover the famous over 120 year old historical amusement park on a pier in Atlantic City.


Atlantic City has a large number of casinos, which are often located on the boardwalk and are therefore optimally located.

New Jersey Zip Codes