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White sand dunes, sharp rock formations and excavations by the Aztecs are highlights on a trip to the desert state of New Mexico. New Mexico is the fifth largest US state and is located in the southwestern United States on the border with Mexico.

The landscape is characterized by its location on a plateau and a wide desert landscape.


The largest city in New Mexico is Albuquerque with about 500,000 inhabitants. Sights of the metropolis on the Rio Grande are the Bank of Albuquerque Tower or the Victorian-style Old Albuquerque High. The city of Santa Fe is undoubtedly better known to visitors.

Not only is the state capitol here, but also the oldest church in the United States, San Miguel Chapel. Culturally, one should definitely visit the excavations of the Aztec Ruins National Monument in San Juan County in New Mexico. The many national parks such as the White Sands National Monument or the Sangre de Cristo Mountains are particularly impressive.

Travel tips and best travel time

The largest airport in New Mexico is the Albuquerque International Sunport, although there are currently no direct connections to Germany and you therefore usually have to change in another American city.

The climate in the US state is not too hot, despite the vast desert landscape, so there can be quite sensitive freezing temperatures at night in the desert months. The optimal travel time is therefore in spring and autumn.

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Go hunting in the past – hundreds of once lively settlements are now exciting ghost towns.


In New Mexico’s picturesque capital, Santa Fe, one of America’s oldest cities, marvel at the wonderful architecture of the Pueblos.


The White Sands National Monument impresses visitors with its unusual white sand dunes.


Every October, up to 600 hot air balloons populate the New Mexico sky – a dream for every balloonist!

New Mexico Zip Codes