New Rates for Vodafone Companies: “Plan 5 Hours” and “All in One”

Long Vodafone not took out new striking rates for freelancers/business but it seems that this month is renewing both the rates of data and voice.

The new one Plan 5 hours imitating the successful contract 4 hours of Orange, for a fee of 20 euros per month allows you to talk for free (maximum 1000 minutes without paying call) with any national destiny (fixed and mobile) during 5 consecutive hours chosen one of the following sections: 8.00 to 15.00, from 9.00 to 16.00 and 16.00 to 21.00 (all lines must choose the same stretch and change of time zone will have a cost of € 6).

The rest of calls They billed at 15 cents per minute (more call set-up 15 cents) which must cover a minimum consumption of 12 euros per line (not shared) in addition to the fee. In addition, this fee is incompatible with carrying the fixed mobile.

On the other hand, the new rate All-in-one aims to unify all spending of the company (fixed and mobile) in a single invoice without having to pay for maintenance of the fixed phone and for a monthly fee of 15 euros allows you to make free calls fixed national (maximum 1000 minutes) and between the moving company (another 1000 minutes). Optionally, the customer may replace free calls between company a chosen favorite Vodafone free calls and also may carry a fixed mobile number for 5 euros more per month (will be required the hiring of a fixed minimum).

The rest of calls All plan in one they is billed at 15 cents per minute without any minimum consumption even if the client prefers to commit to a minimum monthly consumption of 30 euros per line, calls are billed to 12 cents per minute (always with an establishment of call of 15 cents) and the total sum of minimum consumption will be shared among all lines (e.g. 2 lines with all in one + 2 lines with all in one 30 will be between the) 4 lines a shared minimum consumption of €60).

These two new rates are compatible with qtal and a2, Vodafone Passport, Vodafone ADSL although this consumption not computed for the minimum consumption (if that exists). It is also important to note that the rates are incompatible among if or with any rate Plan 15, plans more and flat without a schedule by which interested customers should choose the same rate for the entire enterprise mode.

With these rates, Vodafone attacks directly to Orange with your free calls 4 hours and telephone by eliminating maintenance of the fixed and included in the same invoice mobile.