New Study: How Speed Ink-Jet Printer Change the Market

New Study: How Speed Ink-Jet Printer Change the Market

Ralf Schlözer is the boss of “info trend on demand printing & Publishing Service Europe” and presented to the public just now the results of a new survey . You predicted a bright future for the high speed printers with ink jet technology. The models that work with a continuous ink supply are particularly affected. Just 20 variants were in 2006 of which on the market to find the number by the year of 2010 has increased tenfold. Insiders assume that she once again will be doubled up to 2013.

New Study: How Speed Ink-Jet Printer Change the Market

by 2015, 40% digital colour pages printed out by ink spotlights should be approx.

Schlözer predicts further in evaluation of the survey that are produced about 40 percent of digital colour pages printed out by ink spotlights of this kind already in the year 2015. High pressure performance on the one hand and on the other hand the continuously improving quality of prints are responsible. As another indication of the increase, he led low printing costs in the field.

A study conducted by InfoTrends currently is likely to bring important insights in this respect. Of her 52 sites collected in 15 countries around the globe, in which the most diverse commercial user groups are included. Be interviewed not only the officers, but also the employees in the companies, which every day have to do with the printing technology. Examined is the distribution of volume of printing, where a worldwide significant regional differences were observed in the study.

New Study How Speed Ink-Jet Printer Change the Market 1

European printer traffic in detail

The direct file and photo expression and the expression of mail take a significant role in Europe. He makes at least 44 percent of the total print volume. The expression of books and magazines, for example, can be found in Europe from the amount produced only on the third place in the ranking. The expression of personalized news is on the rise. That in turn is that the modern inkjet printers can bring high numbers per minute and now also efficiently cooperate with folding and inserting machines, according to

The developments in the printing industry are interesting. After all, the inkjets with permanent ink load have are already a market share of about 10 percent from traditional offset printing. Thus, she did also the entry into the competitive book printing on demand , used especially by many smaller book publishers with a high proportion of new authors.

New Study How Speed Ink-Jet Printer Change the Market 2

Post hole needs see the respondents are currently still at the printer accessories. Can (not yet) so good qualities obtained are such as when coated paper on plain paper. This mid-term paper is currently still quite expensive, which in turn negatively affects the total printing costs.

The desired properties of the future of high speed ink jet printer

Interesting are the properties who want to do the subjects of future printers. Some of them are only achievable pressure performance in the foreground. A second group if the bandwidth the usable functions focus on, while another part of respondents presents all wants improvements in the environmental performance of the printer. The ability of the printer to using recycled paper is associated with listed.

New Study How Speed Ink-Jet Printer Change the Market 3

How the pressure round of accessories manufacturers react to the results of this study, it is likely to demonstrate 2012 drupa trade fair, which will take place from 3rd to 16th may 2012 at the exhibition grounds in Düsseldorf.