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In the US state of New York State not only attract the metropolis of the same name, but also natural spectacles like the Niagara Falls. New York State in the northeastern United States is one of the so-called Central Atlantic States.

The third most populous US state is called the Empire State. The area is divided into Upstate and Downstate New York, the latter including the island of Long Island. The northern foothills of the Appalachian Mountains occupy large parts of the national territory, the capital of which is called Albany.


The metropolis of New York City delights both culture and shopping enthusiasts. Marvel at one of the world’s most important collections of modern art in the Museum of Modern Art or experience a performance of the famous Metropolitan Opera. Among the city’s architectural masterpieces, don’t miss the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, and the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building. You can shop in style, especially in Manhattan on Fifth Avenue.

Those looking for relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the big city in New York State should take a road trip through the Hudson Valley, which crosses the state territory along the river of the same name. In addition to historical sights such as the West Point military academy with a museum and a visitors center, outdoor enthusiasts in particular can experience adventures in sports such as climbing, rafting and skiing. You can also explore the Hudson Valley on extensive hiking and trekking trails. Further north in New York State, the Finger Lakes Region with its eleven lakes and countless waterfalls is ideal for excursions. Visit Filmore Glen State Park or one of over a hundred wineries. The waterfalls of the same name are located between the sister cities of Niagara Falls, one of which is on American and one on Canadian soil. They are arguably the best known natural spectacle in New York State. Enjoy the view of the falling water from one of the famous Maid-of-the-Mist boats that have been driving visitors to the attraction since 1846. South of Niagara Falls along the Amish Trail you can discover the original way of life of the Amish People and buy traditional handicrafts such as quilts, carpets or baked goods in numerous shops.

Travel tips and best travel time

New York State is one of the states where you can enjoy the famous Indian Summer. An unusually dry and warm autumn with a bright blue sky fascinates visitors as well as the intense red and yellow colors in the mixed and deciduous forests.

Autumn is therefore a particularly good time to travel. Otherwise, the climate is temperate. Direct flights from Germany head to LaGuardia Airport in New York City from several cities, the flight takes around eight to nine hours. The time difference to the Eastern Standard Time there is six hours compared to the Central European time.

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In addition to gigantic skyscrapers and Broadway, the vibrant metropolis of New York City offers countless sights!


Long Island is characterized above all by the white sandy beaches in the Hamptons, luxurious houses and a historic environment.


The adventure playground enchants its visitors with incredible landscapes! A hike through Watkins Glen State Park is particularly worthwhile.


From a Dutch settlement to the capital of New York State – Enjoy unique events, historical masterpieces and delicious food!


The picturesque spot, which stretches from Manhattan to Albany along the Hudson River, is characterized by wide cultivation areas and lush landscapes.


As part of the famous Niagara Falls, the huge waters measure up in color every evening and form a “W” shape from a bird’s eye view.

New York Zip Codes