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New Zealand Resorts and Attractions

New Zealand (Long white cloud) is a state in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. The islands were discovered in 1642. The main territory of the country is made up of two islands, South and North. According to smb, the capital is Wellington.

Dutch cartographers named the islands Nova Zeelandia after one of the provinces of the Netherlands. Later, James Cook used the English version New Zealand, which became the official name of the state.

The climate is moderate to subtropical, the average annual temperature is +15*С. Tourism is becoming an increasingly important element of the New Zealand economy.

Tokelau is a New Zealand-administered territory in the Pacific Ocean.

New Zealand is one of the most remote countries from Russia, the flight takes 18-20 hours. It’s part of life on the edge of the world. Two islands interconnected by the state and political structure are a separate part of our planet. It is fenced off from the continents by the endless expanses of the oceans. Now it is quite a popular holiday destination for tourists. The average ticket price is 70,000 rubles. The growth of interest of our tourists is about 2-3%. The country is visited by about 1.5 million people a year. But the most frequent guests are the Japanese and South Koreans.

Resorts and attractions in New Zealand

If you look at the map of the world, a small country on the outskirts of the world, in the southwest of the Pacific Ocean, consisting of two large islands and several dozen small ones, does not immediately catch your eye. Its name is New Zealand. The country is remote from the civilized world and the nearest mainland Australia is 1650 km away.
This country is unique in its diversity and richness of nature. There are mountains, grottoes, volcanoes and forests, rivers, waterfalls, lakes and geysers, glaciers and beaches. The uniqueness of the flora of the islands is beyond doubt. The famous Lord of the Rings trilogy was also filmed here.

New Zealand is a vibrant and colorful country and a favorite destination for gourmet travelers – it’s one of those places that you can talk about endlessly. This small state, located on two large and numerous small islands, annually serves as a place of recreation and tourism for thousands of tourists who come here for a sea of ​​new emotions and unforgettable impressions.
There are also turquoise bays and mirror lakes, there are active and extinct volcanoes. And the country will not leave indifferent nature lovers. There are also great ski resorts here.
New Zealand is a real paradise for those who are passionate about fishing and hunting. Only here you can go skiing, and after a few hours you can swim in the tropical sea.

Champagne pool on Wai-O-Tapu. Do you love champagne? There is a whole spring in New Zealand with such an intriguing name. The Champagne Pool is filled with 50,000 cubic meters of geothermal fluid. Due to the fact that it contains a large number of semi-metal compounds of antimonite and orpiment, the reservoir is framed by a bright orange border along the edges. Due to strong carbon dioxide emissions, the water in the source really resembles sparkling wine and looking at it you get the feeling that you have a whole pool filled with champagne in front of you.

Interesting facts

In New Zealand, the opposite is true: the average temperature in the south of the country is +10*C, in the north it is +16*C. The coldest month is July, the warmest is January.

Long-term isolation and remoteness have created a unique natural world on the islands.

The official languages ​​of the country are English, Maori, New Zealand Sign Language.

Rugby is New Zealand’s national sport. The Kiwi bird is the national symbol of the country.

tahu is the name of a low mountain on the North Island. This is one of the longest titles in the world. This 85-letter word is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

New Zealand Resorts