Nexus One Now in Spain with Vodafone: Prices and Availability

Perhaps the news most awaited by the readers of our site, and almost in the scenario of mobile telephony in our country, and is at the end Nexus One is available for customers of Vodafone in Spain.

We knew that Vodafone would be the first European operator in go throwing the phone in all markets that compose it, but we had hoped with interest the specific date for Spain. At last we are able to inform you that the Google phone is available from today, May 20, both in the online shop of the Red operator and its points of sale.

For current individual and business customers of Vodafone, phone will be shown today on the points program of the company. But if you’re new client special, you will have it available from 0 euros, associated with the “fee flat Internet in the mobile Plus” of €15 / month:

If you are self-employed clients terminal is available from 29 euros, in the case of business customers, Nexus One is available for 49 euros.

Nexus One, Google Maps Navigation in Spain

One detail that we like to share with you, and that you already anticipate by the end of last month, is that Vodafone informs us that Nexus One will incorporate soon navigation with instructions in Google Maps Navigation voice, with features such as Google Street View, make the Google phone in one of the most advanced GPS navigators of the market.

Google phone finally among us

Little we have to since talk of Nexus One in Xatakamovil, we have tried every important news concerning the terminal in our pages, and only remained that it was available with some Spanish operator to start to have impressions of the own customers.

For those who come new to this news, you summarize your main specifications, starting with its touch screen AMOLED 3.7 inch, through a powerful chipset Qualcomm SnapDragon 1 GHz, and ending with a camera of 5 megapixel camera built-in Flash with auto focus.

We inform you that the model that will be available in Spain will be with 4GB memory format microSD. I would not want to leave behind the external noise cancellation system It incorporates two microphones-based.

The Nexus One/Vodafone binomial is hardly surmountable to present us with an excellent phone next to a good deal of tarifa plana, and I think that at this point in the film it is clear that these features without an associated data connection terminal loses quite a sense: surfing the Internet, have access to our e-mail, access to the Android Market app store or be connected with major social networks, all in anywhere, anytime.

We remind you that Nexus One is the model for Google phone What should be an Android device, and so it is proving with the developments that are going after him, such as HTC Desire, HTC Incredible, and other models based on the same hardware platform. By this I mean that the technical specifications necessary to make an application work properly will be on Nexus One, especially if we speak of the most demanding games.

Lastly inform you that bet on this phone is make sure the first operating system updates by Google, a detail that may seem trivial, but many users have begun to suffer with the first generation of Android phones. Presumably the operating system with which comes the Nexus One is Android 2.1, but considering that today will be presented Froyo (Android 2.2), the update is imminent.

Update, as appears in the Vodafone shop, since twitter inform us that in a few days will be available the option to redeem points. Interestingly on the web it appears with a card microSD 16 GB of gift?:

Vodafone has apparently corrected the information and now they appear 4GB as we reported initially, we leave the evidence of the crime here in case anyone thinks that we invent it ourselves: