Nike 2012 Promotions, Backpacks, Handbags and Bags

With the return to the classes, it is necessary to think about the purchase of the school material. And one of the most expensive items on the list provided by schools is the backpack. In fact, everything is complicated because the kids always go after the products that are fashionable. Boys and girls want the more daring models, full of colors and designs, which ends up making the merchandise more expensive.

However, know that you can combine quality with low price. Nike items, for example, are accessible to most consumers. The company has a wide line of handbags, backpacks and sports bags, items intended not only for the young audience, but for all its customers.

Girls can get the Campus Fundamentals JDI Mini model, which serves to compose a more stripped-down look. It is part of the collection that carries the phrase “Just Do It” and therefore is suitable for consumers of attitude (the slogan is at the top of the bag).

Compact, the backpack does not create as much discomfort as the larger models. And its reduced size does not prevent the student from carrying their accessories, since it comes with an external pocket that is perfect to hold objects such as keys, cell phones, makeup etc. At Netshoes, the product is sold for R $ 69.90, which can be divided in three times without interest of R $ 23.30.

For the boys, a good choice is the Arsenal Allegiance model, indicated mainly for those who love football and is a supporter of the English team. The bag, which is made of polyester nylon, comes with adjustable padded shoulder straps, club crest, hand strap and zippered exterior pocket. On the Netshoes website, it is coming out for $ 99.90 or five times with no interest of $ 19.98.

Nike also offers products for those who enjoy playing sports. The brand bags are ideal for storing accessories and objects such as wallets, keys, cell phones, socks, water bottles, watch etc. It offers several models, with different colors and formats, including pieces with symbols of great national and international soccer teams. On average, the price of a bag of these turns around the $ 40.00.

Certainly, the company should launch some promotions this year 2012, to make its articles more accessible to Brazilian consumers. Keep an eye on the offers that will come and do not miss the opportunity to have in your hands the quality and excellence of the products of one of the largest groups in the world market.