Nikon Introduces New Android Camera Coolpix S810C

The Nikon Coolpix S810c comes out as digital camera with Android 4.2.2 jelly bean. Some improvements over the previous model to help to establish the unit as best social networking Android camera on the market.

The new Nikon can do more: despite identical resolution of 16 megapixels to shoot better photos, by recognizing, for example, objects and follows them with focus, even as they move through the picture. The dynamic fine zoom supposed to capture combined with the 12 x magnifying optical lens sharp pictures at a distance. Possible with more than 8 frames per second continuous shooting. The video function was also accelerated and allows even slow motion shots with up to 240 frames per second. Who is filming in full HD, must settle for fps with 30.

Nikon’s Second Attempt An Android-Cam

2012, with the Coolpix S800c, Nikon had tried to establish a camera with Android operating system–with moderate success. In the same year Samsung with the Galaxy brought out camera a similar concept – with this: a stronger zoom, a newer Android operating system, and even a model with an integrated 3 g modem. Already in March, Samsung brought the Galaxy camera 2 on the market, which was drilled out mainly software-side.

Nikon’s Coolpix S810c wants to now convince with improved hardware and new features. Fans of social media networks may edit such as the GPS tagged images in high resolution directly on the camera, and share. The competition should be gouged through Smartphone camera with optical zoom. It remains to be seen whether this often underestimated benefit of standalone cameras but is sufficient to make a success the Coolpix S810c. Priced, she will propose to launch with about 320 euros.