Not As Strong As Slidepad Notebook Or Portable As Tablet

Notebook and tablet hybrid LG strives to combine the two worlds, but is heavy and has open-and-close mechanism questionable.

At this point, certainly has an engineer locked in a room scribbling what you think the perfect formula for mixing the practicality of the notebook with the lightness of the tablet. It’s not easy. Or the machine is heavy, because of the keyboard, or the configuration is weak for a notebook. The truth is that everyone is groping in this market, including the LG. The company recently launched your SlidePad, that stumbles on both issues (and some other), despite their merits.

The great 11.6 inch screen and soft keys, very comfortable for your size, make the machine an interesting option to use for a long time, and not only as a wingman. And the battery which lasts almost 7 hours enhances this trait of versatility of the unit. Check out the analysis:

In favour:

  • Very good performance for a tablet;
    • Battery that can handle a full day’s work.


  • Fragile Mechanism to open and close the screen;
    • Price too high for the configuration.


The most daring ever run the risk of getting it wrong by opening the SlidePad into their own hands, forcing up to display the keyboard. Calm down: on the left side there is a button that releases the latch and let the two parts positioned at an angle of 45 degrees.

But it’s not just the ineptitude of the user who can break the appliance. When open, it shakes more than it should. Seems to be a proper latch to avoid looseness. And when you’re closing the machine, turning it again into a tablet, can hardly do it first. Scary even to force too much and damaging something.

Another serious problem is that a cable in tape format (called flat), responsible for transit of a signal between the part of the keyboard and the screen is fully exposed, near the mechanism opens and closes. Over time, as tells us the experience with the old standard flip phones, it can be crushed and stop working.

Problems aside, the tablet and notebook hybrid has a beautiful and functional design. He goes well on your lap, if required, and is a great viewing angle when placed on the table. The size is very good, especially when we remember the tightness of netbooks.

When used in tablet form, is more clumsy SlidePad. First, because your plugin with the keyboard is not firm–that is, it still looks like you have two pieces. Then, because it weighs 1 kg and measures almost 30 centimeters tall, upright.

Screen and keyboard

The good part of all this size for a tablet is that the screen is very nice. She has 1,366 x 768 pixels resolution, which makes high-definition movies go down very well. It is also so sensitive as I should and can identify up to five fingers at once.

The keyboard already at first sight, is to small. It is smaller than a traditional notebook, but taking this into account, it is surprisingly comfortable. You need a little time to adapt to the grip? Yes, but nothing out of the ordinary.

What you really need is a touch or trackpad. This can be a problem, since Windows 8, outside the new interface optimized for tablets, is full of tiny icons. The only ways to control the cursor is touching the screen with your finger or fitting a mouse to the USB port.

System and applications

The classic interface of Windows 8, with scattered icons on the desktop and a bar at the bottom, can be accessed at SlidePad, because the system installed is the same as PCs so you can switch between it and the new look of Windows for tablets, with larger buttons for command with the touch of your fingers.

But this Windows 8 brings an important side effect. Only 34 GB of internal memory are available to the user, because the system occupies the other 30 GB.

The biggest problem of any tablet with Windows 8, however, remains the lack of applications. Until the Android suffers from a few specific programs for screens bigger than a cell phone, the Microsoft System is terrible shortages. In nearly nine months, he has little more than 100,000 programs available in the store, while iOS has 850,000.

Configuration and performance

Average for a notebook, good for the day to day, great for a tablet. If you need to navigate, use half a dozen applications, abuse of Office and stuff, this hybrid will not leave you in the lurch. Casual games also run without any problem. Just don’t expect agility to edit audio and video, even in tasks considered light for a desktop computer. This is not his cup of tea.

The configuration, to a notebook, is quite simple. It is equipped with 1.8 GHz processor, 2 GB memory and your weakness, solid state disk (SSD) 64 GB only, with almost half of it occupied by the system.

In our test, the battery lasted a little more than 7 hours in moderate use at work, with text editor running, open web pages, access to a video or otherwise, from time to time, and music playing most of the time, all this with the screen brightness a little above 50%.

In terms of connections, all that is needed is there. HDMI port, USB, microUSB and headphone and microphone. The volume is on the left, along with the button that triggers the mechanism of transformation of tablet notebook. The on/off switch and a button that locks the screen are turning to the right.


Perhaps no one has been able to do even a hybrid round, those that you look and think: “that’s how everyone should be”. And the SlidePad despite having some charm and work well for what you propose, is definitely far from it.

Until now, hybrids that seem to meet better the pair journey are those whose keyboard can go, like the Asus Transformer Book Trio or the Envy X 2, HP. Thus, the design of the tablet does not separate when degrades and is also resolved the issue of fragility in time to connect one piece to another.

Out everything that has been said in this analysis, it is also the impression that the machine is expensive. Are R $2500, price of notebooks much better with Windows 8 and touch screen. The high price is paid by versatility. But as the biggest problems LG machine are precisely in the arrangement of open-and-close, it’s hard to justify such a benefit.

If a computer via tablet, via notebook really do your head, now you can call first generation hybrids, perhaps the best way is to spend some R $400 to a HP Envy X 2. Its configuration is identical, but the hardware solution is better, by design and by the presence of a touchpad.


LG SlidePad

Price: R $2,499
Configuration: Intel Atom 1.8 GHz from Z2760, 2 GB RAM, flash memory (SSD) 64 GB, 11.6 inch screen with a resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels, 2 megapixel front camera, HDMI, USB, microUSB and microSD card reader.
Dimensions: 28.6 x 19.2 x 1.6 cm
Weight: 1.05 kg
Battery life: 7 hours of moderate use.
What’s electric device in the box: tablet/laptop, battery charger, leather case and manual.

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