Noticed with Fancy Decorations on Your Wallet!

Sometimes you feel just after, to wear something special as accessory, especially in the gray weather. If it should be shoes or a bag but not equal to a conspicuous sheath, but prefer something more discreet, can you draw very well on a great purse.

We always have the wallet, if we have left them not just stupidly at home. Therefore, I am of the opinion that we should make much more from them. Impressive decorations made of embroidered flowers, colorful feathers, gleaming rivets or a special material make eye-catching small pets and may be missing this year in any wardrobe or handbag.



I have a small tip for the still not-so-brave among you: you dare once a rivets facing up, because this fashion favorite suits to skinny jeans and a T-Shirt, as well as to a beautiful evening dress. So you can go really wrong. Who is then but something bold, colorful embroidery and material samples in Slanýventuring upgen- or crocodile leather effect and put his personal statement. Because these materials are perfect for evening wear and give an extra Eyecatcher the outfit again. All you can give also a completely different and witty charm by you accessing comic Prints . That maybe even recalls his childhood, where the colorful purses additionally around the neck has been one or the other. Well, the practical cords then but not yet are but at least the fun prints in fashion. These include graphical pattern in stripes, squares, Rhombuses, triangles and zigzag forms. The motto is quite simply: is allowed, what you like (or notice).

I find it really amazing, how much one with only a single accessory from his outfit can get out and it then gets a different touch. You should trust simply much more often to set a course to stand out from the daily grind.