Ochs Und Junior: Innovative Swiss Watches to Personalized Production

Ochs und Junior watches come from Lucerne in Switzerland.The watches to the smart and elegant finish of Ludwig Oechslin and his team enrich the watch market for already 10 years. The creed, to which all the models of the manufacturer are subject, is a simplification of the process and a clear design giving it identity.Ochs und Junior watches make the curs, including Ulysse Nardin, manufacturer participating in the Ochs und Junior company.

Today we present the newest model of Ochs und Junior and society: Jahreskalender Light – the Light year calendar. IfHodinkee integrated the watch in his Perpetual Calendar Buyer’s Guide, worth at least to stop.

Radically limit the weight

The Jahreskalender Light box is made of titanium and weighs only 62 g for a diameter of 39 mm or 71 g for a diameter of 42 mm.Ochs und Junior saved between 36% and 39% of weight compared to the perpetual calendar current

Ochs und Junior has radically milled to achieve this goal. The original case and the Light are both countersunk in a solid piece of titanium; all superfluous gram of material of the perpetual calendar Light are removed to consolidate stability and the strength of the case. You don’t notice anything from outside – the difference of weight at the moment where taken in hand.
The housing consists of two parts in order to ensure a high degree of sealing water (50 m).

For the manufacturing of the dial, gear, needles and the Crown, Ochs und Junior replaces brass, used in its other models, by a very resistant and at the same time lighter aluminium alloy, in order to gain even more weight.
The bracelet is not spared and is also lightened. Bracelet and clasp were reconcus and will be made to measure for the client. The bracelet is made of kevlar and is reinforced by Velcro, the clasp is carbon. Compared to the classic perpetual calendar of Ochs und Junior, the clasp saves more than 75% of the weight, the bracelet 50%.

Innovative design of the dial

About the dial: this wristwatch displays the date as a spot in analog mode – although a digital display without exercise is easier to read. If the date is displayed in digital mode by a small hole in the dial, the readability at same distance is not the same with analog needles – which explains the use of the great date or the insertion of a magnifying glass in the glass of the watch.However, it causes another problem: it is not time that is in the foreground, but the date. The watchmaker Ludwig Oechslin wanted to resolve it by using an innovative design.

This is how you read the various functions of the perpetual calendar at Ochs und Junior: large perforations, running around the dial, display the date; indexes serve as landmarks. The 15th of the month, for example, appears on the mark of 30 minutes.
The days of the week are displayed by 7 holes in 6 hours. In doing so, we can choose the day of the week to be displayed at the top.The circle of 12 holes in the center of the dial shows the respective month. During the day, from 6 in the morning at 6 o’clock in the evening, we see that a reference to the day of the week, the night we see two.

The holes for the date have another advantage that should not be underestimated: they allow a precise reading of the minutes and seconds – additional indexes are not necessary. The perforations themselves mark the odd minutes, the spaces between two odd minutes.

Ensure maximum readability is the credo of the House Ochs und Junior with regard to the choice of colors on the dial. the present model combines a black dial with indexes in white aluminum and covered with needles of Super-LumiNova. Landmarks in orange for the date, the month and the day of the week are equipped with Super-LumiNova. Ludwig Oechslin intentionally decided to use various colors for reading the time and date, because the two views are available to different information.
The second hand is the same color as the dial and not noticeable only to the second shot of it, in order not to divert attention from the essential.

Individual production

All elements of construction of the House Ochs und Junior watches are manufactured in small quantities in the toolmaker Peter Cantieni. Ochs und Junior manufactures about 50 watches to date annual per year. The boxes, systems of gears and dials, clasps, needles are made one by one, one by one by hand, then assembled also by hand and finally resolved.
The customer can determine the size, materials, colors, and other details of his watch to his liking. It is possible on-site, in the shop of Ochs und Junior to Lucerne or using a Configurator on the homepage of the watch manufacturer.

A model of the Light Jahreskalender costs, according to the current rate of the Swiss franc, about 8,500.

For more information on Ochs und even Junior and their exceptional watches, please visit www.ochsundjunior.swiss.