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The name Oklahoma goes back to the Choctaw Indians and means something like “red people”. Cowboys and Indians – that’s Oklahoma, 39 Indian peoples live here. The Cherokee, originally located in the southeastern United States, found a new home here after their displacement. If you want to learn more about this Indian people, Tahlequah, the capital of the Cherokee, is the right place. Here is the Cherokee National Supreme Court Museum, the Cherokee Heritage Center and the Cherokee National Prison Museum. The Indian culture can also be experienced at Pow-Wow.

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The state’s capital is Oklahoma City, the founding of which during the so-called Land Run of 1889 is still remembered today by the old town of Bricktown and the Oklahoma Land Run Monument. Particularly worth seeing is Stockyards City, where the largest cattle auctions used to be held, and is still the world’s largest trading center for cattle. After the auctions you meet in Cattlemen’s Steakhouse. If you are still looking for the right outfit for the holiday, you will definitely find it in one of the numerous Western specialty shops. Oklahoma City is also the right city for horse enthusiasts: up to 15 important horse shows take place here every year. Those who prefer to visit cultural sites are in good hands in one of the numerous museums, such as the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.

The legendary Route 66 runs for 640 kilometers through Oklahoma; a variety of museums, including the Route 66 Museum in Clinton or the National Route 66 Museum in Elk City, are reminiscent of the historic route that was once the fastest connection between Chicago and Los Angeles. Here in Oklahoma there are also numerous historic dinners along Route 66. A tip is Waylan’s Ku-Ku Burger in Miami or Lucille’s Roadhouse in Weatherford.

Tulsa is the second largest city in Oklahoma. Oil discoveries in the 1920s brought the town to prosperity, which is still reflected in the cityscape today. Numerous Art Deco buildings provide a special flair. Not to be missed is Tulsa’s landmark, the Golden Driller – the giant statue of an oil worker.

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With the Will Rogers World Airport, Oklahoma City has an international airport named after a Cherokee artist that is also served directly from Europe. In order to be able to explore the diverse state of Oklahoma in a particularly flexible manner, it is advisable to rent a camper. Oklahoma has a subtropical-warm climate with rather mild winters and mostly very hot summers. As in all regions of the Midwest, tornadoes occur again and again, especially in early summer. The best time to visit Oklahoma is therefore the months of September and October. The time difference to Central Europe is back six hours difference.

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650 km of the famous Route 66 run through Oklahoma. On the way there are the famous classic diners and museums to admire.


Oklahoma is synonymous with cowboy flair. Every city has ranches that can be visited or offer exciting rodeos.


This entertainment district can be optimally explored with a water taxi to see many attractions at once.


This nature reserve is one of the oldest on earth and was created to conserve endangered animal and plant species.


Tulsa is known for the large oil deposits around 100 years ago, for the Art Deco buildings, the idyllic parks and its top sport.


Waterfalls with a bathing lake, endless hiking trails, caves, catering options and much more are available in this outdoor paradise.

Oklahoma Zip Codes