Oukitel U6, a Yotaphone at Economic Price That Occurs in China

The Yotaphone, that curious Russian phone with an ink electronic rear already has competition, and also quite serious competition arrives from China, which is that if the Yotaphone smartphone is equipped with high-end price, the U6 Oukitel be more an economic cutting device.

That Yes, maintains the credentials of the dual-screen, mounting at the rear a panel of e-ink It will save battery in certain situations or personalise while the terminal is idle.

It is not the first curious smartphone from Oukitel, which has already announced its intentions to bring to market a Smartphone with 10,000 mAh battery, although at the moment no news on that front.

Now we have a device with main screen of 5 inches and HD resolution 720 p, Another rear bulkhead technology e-ink by 4.7 inches and resolution qHD (960 x 540 pixels).

Your hardware platform has not been revealed, although it seems that the chipset is a Mediatek helium 20 X, while the rest of the specifications are a mystery.

The design is unmistakably inspired by Apple and its iPhone 6, and an infrared port can be confirmed at the top. You can see it better in the photo gallery while we expect more news, but it is almost certain that it won’t be out of China.

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