Outlined Turquoise: Makeup Fun of Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel surprised everyone when he arrived at the Museum of modern art in New York (MoMA) to honor the event paid tribute to Tilda Swinton. The actress has come up with a fun makeup that highlighted their eyes with a turquoise designed close to the lower lashes, which gave a modern look. The actress stole all the attention with a long white dress with gold chains around the neckline.

Colorful eyeliner gave fun touch to the visual

The touch of color ignited the makeup simple and classic of Jessica. She prepared her face with base and mattifying powder to standardize the skin. In his eyes, the traditional trait of black eyeliner was complemented by illuminator just below the eyebrows, plus a lot of shade to lengthen eyelashes. The turquoise streak on lower eyelid was the highlight of the visual and made all the difference. In the cheekbones, only a blush peach blush to the temples, while lips were painted with a discreet lipstick pink satin.

The makeup that Jessica used during the event can be easily adapted to the day to day. the wildest can invest in dash of eyeliner on the lower eyelid, as well as the actress. The more discreet may opt for finer lines, or flush with the upper eyelashes, place where the delineated calls less attention. As for the colors, you can vary. Shades of green, blue and eggplant always fall well, the important thing is to be harmonious with the visual end.

Adept simple makeup, opts for actress lipstick vibrant for different Visual

Jessica thinks the simple makeup looks better and enhance your natural beauty, but like dare on lipstick when you want a more sophisticated look. “If I’m dressed casually and everything is simple, love put a vibrant color on your lips. I trust my makeup artist to wile away the lipstick on me, but I get nervous when it came time to reapply. Last time, I dropped the lipstick on the dress and got a spot, “he said in an interview with Elle magazine. To work around the problem, she always takes a tube of lip gloss, and would rather replace the dark lipstick for he in time for touch-ups.

The actress tells that your personal choices regarding makeup are simple, just mascara, anti-glare scarf (which removes the oiliness of the skin without removing the makeup) and lip gloss peach in color. “I like the peach because it gives a perfect natural effect, aside from adding a bit of color,”he says. She likes to keep it simple and is faithful to the products they choose, as afraid to spoil the skin by overuse of makeup during film recordings or photography sessions.