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Pakistan is a state in South Asia. Common borders in the southwest – with Iran, in the northwest and north – with Afghanistan, in the northeast – with China, in the east – with India.

According to smb, the capital is Islamabad. The official language is Urdu, English.

The climate is dry continental tropical. Temperature in winter +20*С, in summer +30*С.

Pakistan is definitely not on the list of those tourist destinations that immediately light up people’s eyes when they hear about it. An insecure, inhospitable land besieged by terrorists – this is how many people imagine Pakistan and, unfortunately, they are right.

Information from June 2013.
Ten foreign tourists, including representatives of Russia and Ukraine, were killed as a result of an armed attack by unknown people in northern Pakistan. The incident took place in the Pakistani province of Gilgit at about 00.30 local time, when several armed men entered the hotel, woke up the tourists, then took them outside and shot them. According to the representative of the inspector general of the province, Ali Sher, one of the ten dead foreign tourists was from Russia, five from Ukraine, and three more from China. The nationality of another tourist has not been established. Most of the dead were climbers – the hotel is located at the foot of Nanga Parbat, the ninth highest mountain in the world.

Landmarks of Pakistan

Mountains, mountains and more mountains. They have simultaneously become the country’s biggest magnet and its biggest mystery. Within Pakistan, three orographic regions can be distinguished – the flat east, the mid-mountain west and the high-mountain north. This is the only country in the world on the territory of which there are about 40 peaks exceeding 7000 meters.

The culture of Pakistan is based on the Muslim heritage, but also includes the pre-Islamic traditions of the peoples of the Indian subcontinent.

There are so many beautiful and amazing places in the world. It would seem that there is nothing to surprise a person with. But this time nature succeeded again. Has anyone heard of a lake where only jellyfish live? ? And about the trees wrapped in cobwebs that look like cocoons? Not? Then today we will again make an exciting journey.

We present you an indescribable phenomenon of nature – trees in the web.
Such a spectacle was recently observed by residents of the Pakistani province of Sindh. The reason for this event was a flood that drowned a significant part of the territory of Pakistan. People, animals and even spiders were saved from it. In order to avoid death, insects began to weave webs on trees. Consequently, after some time, this led to the massive death of the green economy. The advantage in this situation was only that the spiders reduced the level of malaria, as they actively destroyed the carriers of the infection – mosquitoes.

Thus, every day new, unexplored corners appear on the planet. All of the above is proof of this. The world is limitless and no matter how much we would like to look into the future, we still will not know what miracle of nature awaits us tomorrow.

Interesting facts

3000 BC e. on the territory of Pakistan was the center of one of the oldest civilizations in the history of mankind – the Harappan.

Of the Olympic sports, field hockey is by far the most successful for Pakistan. Of their 10 Olympic medals in history, Pakistanis won 8 in men’s field hockey, including all gold and silver.

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