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Citizens of the Russian Federation do not need to apply for a visa for a tourist trip for a period of not more than 30 days, it will be issued at the airport upon arrival. To do this, you must have with you:

– a passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into Palau

– a return ticket or a ticket to the country of final destination

– proof of solvency at the rate of 200 US dollars per week per person (such proof can be cash, as well as bank statements, traveler’s checks, etc.)

A tourist visa can be extended by contacting the Immigration Service and paying an additional 100 US dollars.

If your trip will last more than 30 days and you do not want to renew your visa on the spot, then you should apply for a visa in advance in Russia. US consulates are responsible for issuing visas to the Republic of Palau on the territory of the Russian Federation. The only courier service authorized by the US Embassy for making appointments for interviews, delivering documents to and from the embassy is Pony Express. Applying for a visa through other companies may cause some difficulties in obtaining it.

To obtain a tourist visa to the Republic of Palau, you must provide the following documents:

– a passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into Palau (and it must be submitted without a cover)

– an old passport (and its copy), if it contained visas from the USA, Canada, Schengen countries, Great Britain

– 2 color photographs 5×5 cm in size

– a completed application form in English with the personal signature of the applicant

– an invitation from a travel company

– a certificate from the applicant’s place of work indicating the position, salary, length of service. For entrepreneurs – a copy of the registration certificate, a copy of the certificate of tax registration of the enterprise. For unemployed or retired persons, a statement of sponsorship of a trip from close relatives, copies of documents confirming kinship, a certificate of employment of sponsors and (or) any other documents confirming their financial well-being and ability to pay for the trip. For students and schoolchildren – a birth certificate (copy), a certificate from the place of study, a copy of a student ID card, a statement of sponsorship of the trip from parents and documents confirming their financial well-being and ability to pay for the trip. For children traveling accompanied by one of the parents or third parties,

– evidence of the applicant’s financial solvency: bank statements, copies of tax returns, etc.

– documents confirming the applicant’s social, economic and (or) family ties with Russia (documents proving ownership of property, copies of marriage certificates, birth of children, about registering your own business, etc.)

– information about close relatives and copies of documents confirming the degree of kinship

– preferably: a copy of the insurance policy valid for the entire trip

When submitting documents to Pony Express, each applicant is informed of the date and time of the visit to the US Embassy for a fingerprint scan or, if necessary, a personal interview.

The standard visa processing time is from 7 to 30 days. The validity of the visa is 1 year. The consular fee is 131 USD.

In Palau, you can import duty-free up to 1 liter of alcoholic beverages (only for persons over the age of 21), up to 200 cigarettes or 454 g of cigars or tobacco. Photo and video film can be carried in the amount necessary for personal needs. Permission is required to import pets. The importation of seeds, plants, meat and dairy products requires permission from the Ministry of Agriculture of Palau. The import of drugs and firearms is prohibited.

The export of shells and corals is prohibited. For the export of souvenirs made from coral or tortoiseshell, you must obtain permission from the local authorities.

Palau embassy website:

Embassy in Palau

Palau, embassy in Moscow
There is no embassy of the Republic of Palau in Russia. US consulates are responsible for issuing visas in the country on the territory of the Russian Federation.

US Embassy in Moscow:

Metro stations Barrikadnaya, Krasnopresnenskaya or Smolenskaya (Filyovskaya line), Bolshoy Devyatinsky per., 8.

Tel: 728-50-00, 728-50-25 (24/7)

Fax: 728-50-90

Consular Section:

Tel: 258-25-25

Fax: 728-53-58

Palau, Embassy website: http://

Palau, Russian Embassy in the country:
There is no Russian Embassy in the Republic of Palau.

The nearest embassy is located in the Philippines:

Manila, 1245 Acacia Road, Dasmarinas Village, Makati

Tel.: (8-10-632) 810-96-14, 817-54-06

Fax: (8-10-632) 810-96-14

Communication in Palau

Street pay phones can be seen at most major shopping and tourist centers. They work with cards. However, the easiest way to call another country is from a hotel.

In order to call from Russia to Palau, you need to dial 8 – 10 – 680 (Palau code) – the subscriber’s number.

In order to call from Palau to Russia, you need to dial 011 – 7 – area code – subscriber number.

Emergency Phones in in Palau

Unified Rescue Service – 911

Maritime Search and Rescue Service – 488-68-75

Ambulance Service – 488-14-11

Emergency Situation Service – 488-25-58


January 1 – New Year’s Day

March 15 – Youth Day

May 5 – Senior Citizens Day

June 1 – President’s Day July

9 – Constitution Day

October 1 – Independence Day

October 24 – United Nations Day

December 25 – Christmas

the world famous festival of culture of the Pacific region, where you can get acquainted with the culture and traditions of the country.

There is practically no crime on the islands, but you still need to follow basic safety rules. Tourists should not behave too defiantly.

Before traveling anywhere, you should consult with local guides about what to wear. When relaxing in Palau, you should always wear a hat, sunglasses, and in the early days even swim in clothes.

You can swim only in strictly designated places, because strong currents are observed in coastal waters, poisonous fish are also found here, and sea urchins and coral fragments can be found at the bottom, which are easy to get hurt.

Divers should not dive in unfamiliar areas without experienced instructors.

According to medicinelearners, shops are open from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 to 21:00 with a lunch break from 12:00 to 14:00.

Tipping Tipping
is not customary.

The locals are proud and stubborn, however, in general they are friendly to tourists. The culture of the islands was strongly affected by European and American influences, so the inhabitants of the islands are quite modern people who adequately respond to Western behavior.

It is highly recommended to take out international health insurance before the trip. Only boiled or bottled water should be used for drinking, brushing teeth, or making ice. Fruits must be peeled before eating, and vegetables must be washed thoroughly.

Palau Visa