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Russian citizens who are holders of valid passports, with the exception of diplomatic, service and official, can enter, leave, transit and stay in the territory of Peru without visas up to 90 days during each period of 180 days, starting from the date of first entry. When entering, you must have a return ticket with you, or a ticket to another country further along the route, otherwise entry may be denied.

Import and export of local currency is unlimited. Foreign currency can be imported in any amount, and it can be exported only within the amount imported. 400 cigarettes, or 50 cigars, or 250 grams of tobacco, up to 3 liters of alcoholic beverages (for persons over 18 years of age), a reasonable amount of perfume for personal use, up to 2 kg of food, gifts in an amount not exceeding 300 US dollars are imported duty-free.

The import of professional photo, film or video equipment is possible with a special permit. Products made of wool and leather, jewelry and souvenirs can be taken out upon presentation of a receipt from the store where these products were purchased.

The import and export without special permission of objects and things of historical, artistic or archaeological value is prohibited.

Embassy in Peru

Peru, embassy in Moscow
Moscow, st. Sadovaya-Triumfalnaya 4/10 (Mayakovskaya metro station), entrance 6, floor 5.

Smolenskaya metro station (Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line). Smolensky boulevard, 22/14, office 15.

Phone: (495) 650-04-58,

consular department: (495) 650-06-92

Peru, Embassy website:

Peru, Russian Embassy in the country:
Lima, San Isidro district, Avenida Salaverry, 3424.

Tel.: (51-1) 264-00-36, 264-00-38.

Fax: (51-1) 264-01-30.

Communication in Peru

You can call anywhere in the world from numerous pay phones that are everywhere on the streets of cities. They work with both coins and cards. Cards are sold at gas stations, supermarkets and trade stalls. You can also make an international call from post offices and from hotels.

In order to call from Peru to Russia, you need to dial 00 – 7 – area code – subscriber number. When calling within Peru, dial 0 before the area code.

To call from Russia to Peru, dial 8 – 10 – 51 – area code – subscriber number. Lima’s code is 1.

Emergency Phones in Peru

Emergency help – 105.


January 1 – New Year

May 1 – Labor Day

July 28-29 – Independence Day

August 30 – Day of the Holy Rose of Lima (patron of Lima)

October 8 – Day of the Battle of Angamos (battles between the troops of Peru and Chile during the Second Pacific War)

December 25 – Christmas

In Peru, festivals and colorful celebrations are held throughout the year on the occasion of both state and Catholic holidays, as well as holidays that have come down to our days from ancient civilizations. The most interesting are the Carnival, which takes place from February to March throughout the country, the worship of the God of earthquakes from March to April, the Inca festival of the summer solstice Inti Raimi (June 24), Independence Day of Peru (July 28-29), Trujillo International Spring Festival (September), Puno Day in the city of the same name (November 5), during which the appearance of the first Inca is celebrated.

Tourists are not recommended to travel alone, even in large cities, do not carry a large amount of cash and wear a lot of jewelry.

According to medicinelearners, shops are open on weekdays from 10:00 to 20:00.

Tipping Tips
are most often already included in the bill, but if they are not added, it is customary to give about 10% of the amount indicated on the bill.

Peruvians are very friendly and helpful. They are slow and most often unpunctual.

220V, 60Hz;

Be sure to take out medical insurance before you travel. No special vaccinations are required to enter the country. If you plan to visit the eastern slopes of the Andes or the Amazon, then you should be vaccinated against yellow fever and prevent malaria. In Peru, there is a risk of contracting cholera and typhoid fever, so it is better to drink boiled or bottled water.

Peru Visa