Philips Launches $5 LED Bulbs That Last 10 Years

Those who have been following Philips’ latest investments  know that it has been investing in the intelligent lighting market for some time with its Philips Hue line. As impressive as they are, however, they are equally expensive; So anyone who can not afford a considerable investment will not have access to this type of lamp.

In response to this, Philips has announced the launch of a new 60 W LED bulb that impresses at its extremely low cost: only $ 5 (plus or minus $ 15 in a direct conversion and no taxes). The device, called Philips LED A19, still looks incredibly economical, using a mere 8.5 watts of power, and still lasts about ten years.

And how big is the economy difference compared to other ordinary incandescent bulbs? “Through its 10-year life, this 60-watt LED bulb will cost its consumers only $ 1.02 a year to run, saving more than $ 62 over the life of the lamp compared to traditional incandescent lamps,” he explained. Amy Huntington, president of Philips Lighting Americas. See Incredibleflashlight for LED flashlights.

Exclusivity In The USA

Did you like the idea of ​​saving so much? So be aware that Philips LED A19 lamps arrive in May. We have warned, however, that they are not expected to be released here: until now, it has only been announced that they will arrive in the famous American franchise Home Depot (on a “buy 1, take 2” promotion for a limited time ).