Plastic Vs. Whales Corset. Corset Semi-Rigid

Today we have different kinds of corsets in the market that allow us to choose between a model or another depending on our comfort and tastes. I usually opt for semi-rigid corsets because they are the ones that I feel more comfortable and more use.

Within this category of corsets, stores can usually find two types: those with very flexible plastic whales and those without whales but that the composition of the fabric remain tight and make an effect similar to that of the corset. Is it better one? The truth is that each one has its advantages and disadvantages. And as they are the most commonly used, it seemed interesting to make a comparison.

Advantages of plastic whales corset.

-It is convenient and adapts relatively well to the body.

-Not to be so rigid you allow to combine them more easily with other garments that put them below.

-They are cheaper than other types of corsets.

-Many models include clips front and back loop, which always makes it more beautiful.

-They tend to be adjustable depending on how much you want to tighten, but it depends on the model.

-It is easy to put it without help.

Disadvantages of plastic whales corset.

-Although they are tight they do not have a real waist-lowering effect. So it is good it is necessary to buy it pretty set.

-The whales tend to arch with the passage of time.

-Whales can end up breaking the fabric.

-You can not stored in any way in the closet because whales can deform.

Advantages of semi-rigid corset.

-They are tight. They narrowed a little waist and enhance the chest. In general “fastened” better than plastic whalebone.

-It can be strange at first, but they tend to be quite comfortable.

-Does not require a particular care when they are saved.

-It is easy to put it without help.

Disadvantages of semi-rigid corset.

-The use, elastic fabric finished by yielding and distorts, particularly the breast and armpit area.

-Zipper can be failures as open or entangled with the fabric so you have to be careful.

-The vast majority of the models are fastening zip. The loop is decorative.

-It is not adjustable, so it is necessary that they fit you perfectly adapted to your body.

What is the best option?

It is difficult to decide since each has its own advantages and disadvantages derived primarily from materials. In terms of design, they are often more like those of plastic whales, but the semi-rigid increasingly have more variety.

In regards to prices, it depends a lot of the brand and the place where to buy them. But in general those of plastic whales tend to be somewhat cheaper, particularly because you can find them in other stores as well as the Gothic.

My conclusion is that by their relationship quality price, both types of corsets are good as “daily corset”. There are corsets comfortable, easy to carry, with quite combinable designs and affordable prices. According to directoryaah, it does not have the quality and finish of the good corsets or not going to last a lifetime.

But if you want a better quality corset, comfortable and that complies with the function of a corset, provided that you are willing to spend a little more, opt for the whales of silicone. If you do not want to complicate your both, either option is good, with their respective disadvantages.

I hope your comments! Do you prefer what type of corset?