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Poland Resorts and Attractions

Poland is a state in Central Europe. Common borders in the west – with Germany, in the southwest – with the Czech Republic, in the south – with Slovakia, in the southeast – with Ukraine, in the east – with Belarus, in the northeast – with Russia, Lithuania.

Capital Warsaw. Currency – Polish zloty. The official language is Polish. Religion – Christianity.

According to smb, the climate is temperate (from maritime to continental). Winters are warm, summers too. The temperature in winter is -1*С, in summer +20*С.

There are many resorts in the country – Dabrova, Kolobrzeg, Muszyna, Nalenczów, Rabka-Zdroj, Ustron, Szczawno-Zdrój, Polanica-Zdrój, Jedlina-Zdrój, Augustow, Ciechocinek and others.

Resorts and attractions in Poland

Poland abounds in lakes and forests. About 10 thousand lakes are scattered across the territory of Poland. Most of the country’s lakes are located in two areas: Maeure in the northeastern part of the country and Lubuska in the western region. Wave-like landscapes with picturesque panoramic views were formed by nature long before man.

Since ancient times, Poland has been famous for both natural attractions and cities with a fairly developed structure of resorts and tourist places. One of these cities is the famous resort town of Swinoujscie, located on the border with Germany and occupying almost the entire territory of the Uznam Island.
Learn (German Usedom, Polish Uznam), an island in the Baltic Sea, at the mouth of the river. Odra, between the Shchetrshsky Bay and the Pomeranian Bay. The western part belongs to Germany, the eastern part to Poland. Area 405 sq. km. The shores in the east are leveled, bordered by dunes, in the west they are strongly dissected by bays. Hilly plains alternate with lakes and swamps. On the hills and dunes – beech and pine forests, lowlands plowed. Seaside resorts Germany: Zinnowitz, Bansin, Ahlbeck. In the east – the seaport of Swinoujscie (Poland).

Zakopane It’s not just about skiing. Everyone who appreciates mountain culture, local cuisine, hospitality and friendly atmosphere come here. Lodz is a charming modern Polish city filled with natural beauty. You can admire the flora and fauna in the Łagiewnice forest park, the largest city park in Europe. There are many attractions and entertainment here.

Poland abounds in lakes and forests. Approximately 10,000 lakes are scattered throughout Poland. Most of the lakes are located in the areas of Masuria (northeast) and Lubuskie (west). And undulating landscapes with picturesque panoramic views were formed in antiquity. Impressive groups of lakes are also found in eastern Poland and the western part of the Lublin Voivodeship. Mountain lakes are the most picturesque.

Ski resort – Szczyrk.
Hotel “Olympia”. Location: in the center of the resort, at the foot of the Skrzychne mountain near the forest, 20 meters from the central ski arena. The hotel is located near the Zhelitsa River – 200 meters, and the famous Zywiecki Lake – 9 km. This is a very cozy place perfect for both leisure and business meetings.
Accommodation: The modern complex consists of a small deluxe hotel and a comfortable boarding house. Stylish interior of the halls, spacious rooms for 2-3 local high level.
At your service: indoor pool, jacuzzi, sauna, solarium, massage, beauty parlor, billiards, fireplace room, gym, t / courts, safe, internet, playground, secure parking – all this will make your stay pleasant and comfortable.

Tours to Poland

A tour to Poland will not only provide a lot of vivid emotions and unforgettable emotions, it will give a unique opportunity to restore vitality, filling the body with energy and endless joy. And the point is not only in finding beautiful mountains, dense forests here, giving all residents and guests of Poland amazingly clean air filled with life-giving power, not only in the healing mud springs of the country, but also in that special atmosphere that reigns in all the resorts of Poland.

Poland, located in the very center of Europe, has always attracted travelers. Small in size, but keeping many secrets and legends of antiquity, it is a combination of many cultures at once that existed on the territory of the state at one time or another. The amazing traditions and good nature of the Polish people only decorate the trip, regardless of which region of the country will be indicated in the tourist route.

Each of the guests of the country can easily find here an acceptable pastime option for themselves. Those who are thirsty for communication with nature, looking for external and internal harmony can be advised to go on an exciting walk along the dunes and hike to amber deposits, relax on the magnificent beaches of the Baltic Sea or go to the Masurian lakes. By the way, the latter are an excellent platform for water sports. Fans of true extreme sports, as part of tours to Poland, will be extremely interested in going to the conquest of the Polish Tatras, graceful mountains, the air in the vicinity of which is famous for its healing properties.

A visit to the resorts of Poland, incredibly cozy and hospitable, will turn into a real journey full of interesting stories and exciting excursions. By the way, one of the most common types of leisure in this truly beautiful country is participation in well-organized excursion tours. Poland is very rich in terms of the location of historical sites and cultural centers. Particularly noteworthy in this regard is the capital of the state – the beautiful city of Warsaw, almost completely restored after the Second World War.

Poland is located in the central part of the European continent. In the west, Poland borders on Germany (the length of the border is 467 km), in the south on the Czech Republic (790 km), in the east on Ukraine (529 km), Belarus (416 km), Lithuania (103 km) and Russia (210 km).

You can go on sightseeing tours in Poland, which include a tour to Krakow and Warsaw, these ancient cities with an interesting centuries-old history. Holidays in the resorts of Poland will improve your health and give you a boost of energy until your next vacation, and you may want to spend your holidays in Poland again.

Country Information
Poland is located hundreds of kilometers west of the geographical center of Europe (Lithuania). The modern territory of the country, stretching from the Baltic Sea in the north to the Carpathians in the south, from the Bug in the east to the Oder in the west, is 312,683 km2. Poland borders on Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Russia (Kaliningrad region). The total length of the state border is 3538 km.

Poland is a parliamentary republic. In 1989, the institutions of the President and the Senate were established. The name of the state was also restored – the Commonwealth of Poland. The state legislative bodies are the Sejm and the Senate, the executive power is represented by the President and the Council of Ministers.

38.6 million people live in Poland, almost exclusively Poles. A few Ukrainians, Belarusians, Germans are national minorities here.

Polish resorts
Zakopane, Wieliczka, Carpathians, etc.

Poland Resorts