Poor Choice of School Backpack Hurts Children’s Health

It’s time to make the right choices when buying backpacks. The Look at Your Back campaign alerts you to the dangers of using an unsuitable backpack and the consequences of overweight carried by children.

“The backpack should have cushioned backs, two adjustable shoulder straps – so that it sits as close as possible to the child’s back – and should be made of lightweight and sturdy material,”explains Paulo Pereira, national coordinator of Look for Your Own campaign. Back.

In the case of children who travel long distances on foot, wheeled luggage can also be an option: “In these cases, the ideal is to choose a backpack with a handle that is long enough to avoid tilting the child’s trunk during transport”.

“Overweight on the shoulders caused by objects carried by children in the backpack can impair development and contribute to the wear and tear of the spine, so it is recommended not to exceed ten percent of the child’s weight.Students should bring to class only the materials needed for this day of the week.”

“Heavier objects should be placed on the bottom of the backpack.If it has lateral compartments, the distribution of the objects must be made in such a way that the load is balanced”, reinforces the expert.

“The prevention of problems in the vertebral column is mainly due to educators, parents and teachers, who must pay attention not only to the transport of backpacks but also to the posture adopted during the lessons and at home, to the practice of physical exercise and to the symptoms of the children”, concludes Paulo Pereira from Thesciencetutor.