Printer: New Firmware Helps with Copying Errors

Remedy for copying and scanning problems: If the multifunction device produces empty copies and scans, a firmware update can solve the blockade.

You have a color laser multifunction device that causes intermittent errors during copying and scanning. Instead of the desired content you get blank scans and white sheets.

Print the test page: The first step is to check the print function of your multifunction device. To print a test page, click “Start-> Devices and Printers” in Windows 7, then select your printer model. For Windows 8, type Devices and Printers in the search box next to the Windows icon in Windows 10, Then press the “Print Properties” button on the printer icon, and then click “Print Print Features.” If the print function of the multifunction printer is OK, you will be probed in a few minutes The sound cassettes.

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Firmware Update: If you can exclude the factor of toner from your color laser multifunction device, possibly a firmware update solves the problem with the white copies and scans. Check the manufacturer’s website for firmware updates. Then download the update package to your computer. Some multifunction devices can be updated directly via the control panel. The function is usually found under “Setup” or “Device settings” and “System” or “Service”. Look for “Firmware” or simply “Update”.Many models run the update independently when you start the process with “ok”.

Other color laser multifunction devices such as the Samsung Xpress C480 series must be prepared for the update: download the firmware package from the manufacturer’s website. Then, press the “Menu-#-1-9-3-4” key sequence on the Xpress C480FW on the control panel as long as the menu language changes to English. Then unpack the downloaded update package on the computer. You get two files-one with the extension “.HD” and an exe file. By clicking and dragging the file with “.HD” to the exe file (usblist2.exe), you start the update process. The printer shows you the progress of the update in percent. If the new firmware is installed completely, the multifunction device will restart and the language will change back to German. With the new firmware, copying and scanning functions work again.