Project Ara Will Stop Using Magnet Chucks in Their Modules

After having cancelled the commercial launch of Project Ara in Puerto Rico by the end of this year, modular mobile Google has returned to the work table in search of a change of course in the form of redesign to make them finish grinding those small details We do not know, but that they probably were responsible for the new delay.

To avoid the confusion of users and to not finish vanishing interest in this project, Project Ara makers want to be transparent and have announced on his official Twitter that account one of the elements the product logo, chucks magnets, will disappear from their phones to have failed their test.

No more electropermanent magnets. #ProjectAra #FailedTheDropTest

— Project Ara (@ProjectAra) August 19, 2015

These magnets have always been a vital part of modular phones, since they were the managers of keep glued to the body of the mobile modules but at the same time allowing that they can be extracted easily, which in many demonstrations has made it possible to Google to show us the ease with which we can mount them one of your devices.

Therefore, after the Elimination of this element Project Ara will have to reinvent entirely, and the device that let’s you see the year coming soon may have to do with everything we have seen so far. It will be remain vigilant to see they get replace magnets the team responsible for these mobile modular.