PVC Pipes Are Inexpensive Solutions For Organizing the House

Decorate the House and leave everything organized, the way that I was in their plans, does not necessarily mean spending a lot of money. Nowadays, simply put the creativity to work to achieve cheap solutions. And it’s not hard. One option is to use materials that you may never have thought of using, but that will leave the decorating with more personality and a very cheap, as in the case of PVC pipes. There are many functions that they may have in the House, let the imagination flow.

PVC Pipes Are Inexpensive Solutions For Organizing the House

Before, the common was find the PVC pipes behind the scenes. “Their place was in halls, garages of buildings and service areas. But, as the protagonist in the decoration, started in New York in the 50, when apartments and lofts have emerged from ancient factories “, explains the architect Mariana Almeida, escriório at home Architects. Nowadays, the material assumes prominent role and environments that need personality.

PVC Pipes Are Inexpensive Solutions For Organizing the House 1

“Currently, the apparent pipe along with bricks, deconcreto blocks and wood takes the industrial aesthetics with great adaptability. In addition, the PVC pipes can serve as raw material for various elements. “Hangers, door-hat, bib and brace overalls, lamps, pencil holders and leaked elements and with the versatility of their mobile connections, as centers, chairs and bookshelves, for example,” he points out.

Several thinner tubes together can serve as pencil holder for kids or paints. If the idea is to join wider pipes, you can use as a shoe rack or even a wine cellar to store wine bottles.

PVC Pipes Are Inexpensive Solutions For Organizing the House 2

They can form the niches of a bookshelf or separator inside the drawer to organize small objects and lingeries. The tubes can also become a beautiful frame. Or, by themselves, be used as jarrinhos for flowers. In the bathroom, it can make the function of paper holder. Light fixtures, door-and objects to support coffee table are also among the functions of the tubes.

PVC Pipes Are Inexpensive Solutions For Organizing the House 3

And there are many advantages to include PVC pipes in the decoration, first by the durability and secondly because it can be used in several ways, depending on the expected result. “They can be exposed to the Sun without losing your resistance and can be used with your natural or synthetic enamel painted in chosen color after a short sanding”, Mariana. “Thus, the aesthetics and functionality of harmonic way coexist, in addition to low cost, you can have personality and style in your decoration,” concludes the architect.