Pythagorion as the next destination

Pythagorion as the Next Destination

Not far from the capital Vathi or the city of Samos, lies a picturesque town called Pythagorion. It is the birthplace of the mathematician Pythagoras and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Like Vathi, it is located on the southwest side and has actually become the island’s largest tourist destination for charter travelers. However, the inhabitants here, despite their many annual visitors, have taken care to preserve the charm and the original atmosphere of the city and there is a rumor that the city port is the oldest in the entire Mediterranean and Aegean Sea, and dates from the Polikrates era. The harbor promenade is a must and also something that is obvious when you are in Pythagorion. Here you can go from tavern to tavern and taste the Greek delicacies.

This small town is built on a hill and many of the hotels are located a bit up. It is therefore important to trudge a good distance up the mountain to get home, but on the other hand, no one has died from a little exercise. Most rooms also have a wonderful view, thanks to the location.


According to microedu, Pythagorion is located in a deep and round bay and has a number of nice beaches to signpost with. To begin with, you can visit the small beach by the pier at the far end of the harbor promenade. It is admittedly rocky but can be worth a visit if you just want to take a dip. It is called Tarsanas Beach and has both a parasol and a small restaurant.
Beyond the pier with the statue of Pythagoras begins another beach. Rematiki Beach is a shallow smaller sandy beach that is well suited for children. The island’s best restaurant, Remataki, is also located here.

If you want to dive on one of the beaches, you can go to Samos Dive Center which has an office at the port of Pythagorion. It is located in the middle of the harbor promenade and is easy to see.

Take the bathing boat out to Samiopoula

Also around Samos there are some small islands and outside Pythagorion you can go out to Samiopoula which has a wonderful little sandy beach. There are few kiosks here, only a lunch restaurant so you can bring the essentials for the day such as a water bottle and some snacks if you do not want to sit at the set table. There can also be some waves out here, so if you are a little eager to surf or inflate an air mattress to rock on the sea, Samiopoula is a good place.


Another reason why so many people go to Pythagorion, is that it is a perfect base for excursions. It does not take long to go to Vathi and to Kokkari which has fantastic nature reserves, it is only a 10 minute drive. Many of the island’s finest beaches can also be reached relatively quickly and easily from here, which is good if you have rented a car but do not want to go too far in the heat.

Follow in Pythagoras’ footsteps

In addition to other resorts and beaches, Pythagorion has a number of ancient sights and finds. Among other things, you can see these in Pythagoras’ cave outside the city or go to the Archaeological Museum to look at the over 3000 artifacts here. Also, do not forget to photograph the famous statue of the mathematician standing down by the harbor. Pythagorion is not a one-stop shop. Although there are some trendy bars to sit at, but otherwise it is peace and quiet that applies.

Pythagorion as the next destination