Review: Bath cabin Seconds Quechua

The Quechua bath cabin can have several utilities and may be used both in locations that do not have bathroom or even those campgrounds crowded or whose cleanliness leaves something to be desired. Besides the bath itself, you can use it to Exchange clothes and even how to use a portable toilet.

Ease of Assembly if the traditional “2 seconds”. Open, is fixed by 4 espeques accompanying the product (and that have specific location of accommodation in carry bag). Airy, has no roof, but the open area is so small that if you want to cover, any piece of plastic will suffice. The access door is zippered and has side helps gathering not wet or dirty when opened. You can opt for the full or partial closure, leaving the region of the chest or head free. Made with the same fabric waterproof from the outside of the tents, lightweight and quick drying. Nevertheless it is recommended to never keep it wet.

Some treats are part of the equipment, how to package necessaire pocket or pots and even a towel rack. Other external tape can also be used as a towel rail or to hang something on hook available. There are two velcros positioned inside the cabin and that are compatible with the use of the Solar Shower. One of them is on top and the other at half height, where you hold the knob of the showerhead.

The carpet square has small dimensions, 48 cm X 48 cm, but which ensures a quick and easy cleaning. It can be placed either inside the cabin, as outside, in the hallway.

Some tests and ideas: There are several devices that can be used with the cabin. The own shower, washbasin and toilet, etc. The cabin can even accommodate those volumes that do not want to leave “the view” when we’re away from camping or overnight. Another nice idea from automotiveqna is to combine the position of your Assembly with one of the sides of a closed gazebo, as well as with the tent. In this way it is possible to have the bedroom, living room and bathroom fully conjugated and private camping.