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In Rhode Island, the colonial charm of Providences and the imposing rock landscape await you along what is probably the most beautiful coast in New England. Rhode Island is the smallest of all the U.S. states and part of New England. Although the name suggests, it is not an island. The landscape is mainly characterized by the long stretch of coast.


Providence is the largest and historically most important city of the so-called Ocean State. The metropolis with almost 200,000 inhabitants combines modernity with colonial charm. Of particular interest to visitors are the Providence Catholic Cathedral, built in the Romanesque style, and the imposing, domed State Capitol. The long coastline is particularly impressive in Rhode Island. Explore the imposing rocky coast at Beavertail State Park near Jamestown. Rhode Island in this section is also characterized by the many small villages, each with their own lighthouses. This area is particularly suitable for hiking and other outdoor activities. The many golf courses that offer a view of the sea are particularly popular in Rhode Island.

Travel tips and best travel time

Rhode Island has a temperate climate. However, as the winters can get very cold and snowy, the best time to travel is in the spring. The US state does not have an international airport itself, so it is recommended to travel to Logan Airport in Boston. This is only 80 kilometers from Providence.

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Rhode Island Zip Codes