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Robomow Rc306 From Friendly Robotics-Test Report User Reviews

Field of application Robomow RC306: This lawn robot is mainly suitable for small lawns up to 600 square meters.

Robomow robots from the manufacturer Friendly Robotics are becoming more and more a name in the scene of amateur gardeners and gardeners. Not least through innovative concepts such as the control and operation via Smart phone App (for all models starting from 2014) or the edge-mowing mode, which was not convincing in our tests. All in all however an alternative to the well-known brands and stags and a really good product, which should also be considered ( look at Amazon).

Both the technology and the scope of supply and available accessories are in no way inferior to the competition. The RC306 Robomow tested here is one of the smaller and cheaper models of the Robomow series.

Mährwerk And How It Works

Unlike the Husqvarna automower series (eg the Automower 320), the Robomow lawn mowers used a massive crossmower made of steel. The principle is almost identical to that of a conventional gasoline or electric spark mower. The advantage is clearly the longevity and robustness of this knife cross. Surrounding or falling branches do not damage the blades. According to the manufacturer, a mowing cross should last for at least one complete season (or more) before it has to be replaced. Disadvantage: the mowing result and the cutting pattern is not as perfect as with the small “razor blades” that the competition (Husqvarna) uses. In addition, the risk of injury is greater due to the higher mass and inertia of the solid knife. The latter also entails a further disadvantage in terms of noise/smoothness does not come to the Robomower approached the Husqvarna Automower. Especially in wet weather/rain/grass, this has a negative effect on the cutting result. Not least for this reason, all Robomow lawn robots certainly have a rain sensor, which (when activated) terminates the mowing in wet weather/high humidity.

Special and unique in the Robomow Mährobotern is their advertised capability, even lawn edges to mow. This is to be achieved by the fact that the described mowing cross does not sit centrally under the mower, but is arranged laterally (see picture above). In fact, the Robomower are much closer to the edge. In the edge-cutting mode, the edge is even traced in one pull. Our tests have shown, however, that this only works in the areas where the lawn surface adjoins, for example, adjacent beds (bark ground) or pavement surfaces, and the Robomow R306 with the housing edge can “overlap” over the edge of the edge.However, if the lawn is separated from the terrace, for example, with a step or a curb/palisade, a narrow edge, which must be reworked by hand (usually every 1-2 weeks), also remains here. The reason: despite the lateral arrangement of the knife cross, this protrudes naturally (for safety reasons) not under the lawn robot, but runs 2-3cm inside the housing and the protective cover. This leaves an edge of a few centimeters.

Conclusion for the edge cutting: works only with a passable edge (there works also the edge mowing also all other lawn robots with correspondingly large area for crossing!). If you now have to work on palisades/curbs with the Robomow 4-5cm or as with the Husqvarna Automowen 10-15cm, that remains the same. Thus, the subject of masonry mowing remains unresolved with a robomower.

Here the Robomow Werbevideo:

Navigation on the lawn is the same as on most lawnmower models (general information on how a lawn robot works). During the installation, a limiting cable is laid a few centimeters from the edge, which leads into the base station/charging station: The Robomow RC306 then moves all areas according to the  random principle. If it hits the boundary cable lying in the ground/lawn, or if it overruns this, it reverses and chooses another direction. Gradually, the entire lawn area is mown. The Robomow RC306 does not have an additional search cable or corridor detection, so it is mainly suitable for simple and wide areas without bottlenecks and passages.However, some obstacles (eg trees, a well, etc.) do not cause problems for them-these can also be “blocked” by the limiting cable. Alternatively, the Robomow simply applies when he approaches an obstacle.

If the rechargeable battery reaches the end, the RC306 automatically returns to the charging station and starts the mowing process again when the battery is recharged.The desired time period for mowing can be defined in a timer in the menu of the lawn robot or in the app in detail.

Conclusion: a good solution for small lawns. Especially recommended if you do not have a “golf lawn” and the pattern is only secondary. Especially when on the lawn often leaves or small branches can lie or the lawn also accommodates larger unevenness. The massive cutting cross forgives this and also has a long/large change intervals. However, one must make clear cuts in the run-up in return. The topic of edge cut remains unresolved as described here.


Robomow rc306 – Pannelli coibentati lisci

Robomow rc306 – Pannelli coibentati lisci