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In order to get to Romania, you need to apply for a visa. To do this, the country’s embassy submits:

– a foreign passport valid for at least 3 months from the date of the end of the trip;

– a completed application form;

– 1 color photograph 3.5 x 4.5 cm;

– a photocopy of the 1st page of the foreign passport;

– voucher or invitation;

You can import local currency only with a special license, the export of local currency is prohibited. It is possible to import and export foreign currency in any quantities, however, the export of foreign currency is limited by the amount imported.

When crossing the border, customs officers may require proof of sufficient funds at the rate of USD 30 per person per day, but not less than USD 300 for the entire stay in the country.

Duty-free you can import goods worth up to 1 thousand US dollars, 4 liters of wine, up to 1 liter of spirits, 200 cigarettes, 200 grams each. coffee and cocoa.

The import and export of firearms, ammunition and explosives, drugs, radioactive, psychotropic and toxic substances, pornographic materials, non-canned meat and dairy products is prohibited.

Embassy in Romania

Romanian Embassy in Moscow
Address of the Romanian Embassy in Moscow – 119285, Russia, Moscow, Mosfilmovskaya st., 64

Phone: (495) 143-0427, 143-0424

Fax: (495) 143-0449

Consular Department:

Phone: (495) 143-0350 (reception days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 11 am to 1 pm)

Romania, Russian Embassy in the country:
Bucuresti, Sos. Kiseleff, 6

Phone: (8-10-40-1) 222-3168, 222-3459, 222-3170

Fax: (8-10-40-1) 222-9450

Communication in Romania

Payphones, with which you can call abroad, are located everywhere on the streets of Bucharest and in resort areas. Calls on them are paid for with telephone cards, which are sold at newspaper and tobacco kiosks, as well as at railway stations and post offices. Older payphones work with coins, but now there are quite a few of them. You can also call to another country from public telephone offices and from the hotel, calls from the hotel will cost you more.

In order to call from Russia to Romania, you need to dial 8 – 10 – 40 (Romania code) – area code – subscriber number. Bucharest code – 1.

To call from Romania to Russia, you need to dial 00 – 7 – area code – number of the called subscriber.

Emergency Phones in Romania

Ambulance – 961

Police – 955

Fire service – 981


January 1st – New Year’s Eve

May 1st – Labor Day

December 1st – National Unity Day

December 25th – Christmas

There are many festivals throughout the year in Romania. In May, the Narcissus Festival, the International Photography Festival and the International Jazz and Blues Festival in Brasov are held. In June, the Transylvania International Film Festival, the Crafts Fair in Bucharest and the Fair of the Blessed Virgin in Gaina Gora take place.

Music festivals are interesting in summer – the National Popular Music Festival in Mamaia, the August festival in Tulcea, the folklore holidays “Tyrgul-Fetelor”. Medieval Days are also held in SighiÈ™oara during the summer.

In October, Transylvania hosts Wine Festivals, and in Cluj-Napoca the Musical Autumn festival, in December – the Christmas Festival in Brasov.

According to medicinelearners, shops are open on weekdays from 9 am to 8 pm and on Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm.

Large supermarkets are open around the clock.

In Romania, tipping is not customary, but the bill is usually rounded up to the nearest 500 lei. You can bargain in the markets and in taxis.

Romanians are very hospitable, tourists are treated with respect.

220V, 50Hz;

Be sure to take out health insurance before traveling to Romania. Tourists are not recommended to drink tap water, it is better to use bottled or boiled water.

Romania Visa