Rumors about a Renewal of The HTC Magic, with The Tagline HD

Would an HTC Magic renewed?, it might be, but for now it is not more than a rumor that is spreading across the network, accompanied by a few recreations of the appliance. Some have already ventured to call the appliance HTC Magic HD.

The reason for the high definition in the surname in this possible phone Android, is by the use of a screen of 3.7 inches, like the Nexus One, and can record video in high definition.

I do not think bad idea keep the name of Magic or MyTouch in the United States taking into account the good reception of the terminal, is another issue that more seems a Nexus One or HTC Desire than the original model. What does seem clear is that it would be a mid-range terminal.

If we stop to view the images, we find a battery cover does not occupy the full area of the phone, which is made with another color than the rest of the phone. According to the render, phone seems to be quite thin and has metallic details.

It points to United States as first country of departure, in the month of September, with T-Mobile operator, and some even dare to tell that it will equip LTE connectivity. Will you use the new S-LCD screens?.