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Emergency Phones in Russia

Prior to 2002, emergency telephone numbers were as follows:

in case of fire – 01

police – 02

ambulance – 03

Gorgaz emergency service – 04

In 2008, Russian “emergency call” services are planning to switch to a single telephone number. To call the police, fire brigade, ambulance and gas service, you will need to dial “112”.

Russia is a country with rich traditions. Russians remember and honor national traditions and holidays. Many holidays are declared days off.

After the collapse of the USSR and the formation of the Russian Federation, new holidays appeared associated with the formation of a new state. Those that have been celebrated for decades under the old regime have also survived, but most of them have been renamed.

The only church holiday that is a day off is Christmas.

Holidays that are days off:

January 1 and 2 – New Year

January 7 – Christmas

March 8 – International Women’s Day

May 1 and 2 – Spring and Labor

Day May 9 – Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War

June 12 – Day of the adoption of the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Russian Federation

November 7 – Day of Accord and Reconciliation

December 12 – Constitution Day of the Russian Federation

In addition to these dates, there are many borrowed, professional and Orthodox holidays in Russia.

According to medicinelearners, grocery stores are open from 8.00 to 20.00, on Sundays – from 8.00 to 18.00. Quite a lot of convenience stores. Department stores and supermarkets are open from 9.00-10.00 to 21.00-22.00.

Tipping Tips
in Russia are optional, except for restaurants, where they make up 10 to 15% of the total order. Sometimes tips are already included in the bill.

220V, 50Hz;

Non-resident citizens in the presence of the policy of medical care is provided free of charge.

For foreign citizens, the Russian Foreign Ministry has introduced a requirement for the mandatory presentation of a medical insurance policy when applying for Russian visas by citizens of the Schengen countries, Israel, Finland and Estonia. As an alternative to the policy, citizens of these states (with the exception of Estonia) can present a written guarantee of payment of all possible medical expenses associated with their stay in Russia from inviting Russian individuals or legal entities.

It is not recommended to drink tap water in Russia.

When visiting Russia, it is recommended to be vaccinated against hepatitis A, typhoid, diphtheria and tetanus.

Aldan, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) (Russia)

Aldan is the administrative center of the Aldan region of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). It is located on the Aldan Highlands in the Aldan River basin, 530 km southwest of Yakutsk. In 1923, the mining settlement Nezametny was founded on the site of a modern city near rich gold deposits. In 1939 it received city status and was named Aldan. The main sights of the city are the museum of local lore and the monument to the discoverers of the Aldan gold deposits.

24 km south of Aldan in the village of Lebediny there is a ski base where the season starts in September and ends only at the beginning of June. The height difference here is 840 m, there are several ski slopes and a snowboarding track.

To the west of Aldan, about 200 km away, is the state natural reserve “Olekminsky”. It was created in 1984. The area of the reserve is 847.1 thousand hectares. Mountain taiga forests are protected on its territory, in particular, the Siberian cedar, because the northern border of the range of this tree passes through the reserve. About 88% of the territory of the reserve is covered with forest, dominated by Dahurian larch, drooping birch, Scots pine and Siberian spruce. More than 40 species of mammals, about 180 species of birds, 2 species of reptiles, 3 species of amphibians and 18 species of fish live here. In the reserve there are typical taiga bird species – hazel grouse, gray owl, hawk owl, horned owl, three-toed and black woodpeckers, capercaillie, rubythroat nightingale, Siberian flycatcher, Siberian thrush and rock duck. Sometimes there are southern species – quail, lapwing, black swift and chaffinch, and rare species – golden eagle, osprey, black stork, black crane, peregrine falcon, starling, jay, dipper, kingfisher, Far Eastern curlew, crested honey buzzard, gray crane, whooper swan, black goose, baby curlew, pygmy owl, long-eared owl, woodcock, blue nightingale and whistling nightingale. There are salmon spawning grounds on the Olekma River.

Among the sights of the reserve, one can distinguish pisannits made with red and yellow ocher, burials and sites of the Neolithic times along the Olekma River, Kamenny finger and stone remains on the Olekma River, as well as floodplain lakes in the valleys of the Olekma, Tuolba and Amga rivers.

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