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Rwanda Resorts and Attractions

Rwanda is a country in central Africa. Common borders with the Congo – in the west, Uganda – in the north, Tanzania – in the east, Burundi – in the south.

According to smb, the capital is Kigali. The official languages ​​are Kinyarwanda, French, English. Currency – Rwandan franc.

The climate of Rwanda is subequatorial, seasonally humid. The average monthly temperatures in September-October do not exceed +21*C, and in June-July +17*C. Two wet seasons can be distinguished – from March to May and from November to December. The dry season lasts from June to August-September.

The territory of Rwanda is predominantly a dissected plateau with an average height of 1400 to 1800 m above sea level, decreasing from west to east. In the western part, a watershed range with absolute heights of 2500-3000 m passes through the entire country from north to south, part of which is Karisimbi volcano (4507 m, the highest point of the country). Most of the plateau is dissected by numerous rivers.

Tourism is one of the most profitable sectors of the economy and is now the main source of foreign capital in Rwanda. In 2008, the income from it amounted to 214 million US dollars, which is 54% more than in 2007.
Despite the genocide, the situation in the country is considered safe. In 2007, the number of foreign tourists amounted to 825 thousand, in 2008 – 1 million.

Resorts and attractions in Rwanda

The main occupation of tourists in Rwanda is the observation of mountain gorillas in the National Volcano Park. Among other attractions , the Nyungwe Forest Park is the location of chimpanzees, Gverets and other primates.

Resort on Lake Kivu. Many of the names of the resorts in the Lake Kivu region of Rwanda speak for themselves – their fame has increased so much with the growth of world tourism. The resorts of Lake Kivu are extremely diverse tourist sites designed for a wide variety of recreational activities. Of course, one cannot say that the resort opportunities of all recreation areas of the region are the same, and the infrastructure is ideal everywhere. But the basic conditions are provided to everyone – restaurants, nightclubs, hotels welcome everyone with joy and attention.

In the resorts of the region you will find democratic places of rest, and exclusive, and quiet corners for relaxing for two, and noisy youth parties.
Almost all popular resorts in the region have large shopping centers with a wide range of familiar goods, and markets and shops of local craftsmen will give you the opportunity to buy an original souvenir, so you are guaranteed an exciting shopping experience. The cultural life of the resorts of Rwanda is rich in events, however, if you want to take part in festivals or international cultural programs, it is better to get acquainted with their schedule in advance. Buying a ticket to the resorts of Lake Kivu in Rwanda, you can be sure that all the main tourist opportunities will be available to you, and your vacation will please you with a variety and freshness of impressions.

Akagera National Park (a small reserve in the east of the country). Nice national park where you can come with your own car. Very few other tourists. You will see giraffes, zebras, various antelopes, hippos, elephants, buffaloes and a beautiful landscape.
Every safari is different and if you go here expecting as many animals as in Kenya or Tanzania you will be disappointed. However, here you will get unique experiences, intended only for you. You will be able to get closer to the animals than in any other park. Also it is much cheaper than other parks.

This is a very pretty, unique park with many lakes. The north side of the park offers more animals, especially in drought, but on the south side you can also go out and say hello to a giraffe, run into a lone elephant or an entire herd. Also you will definitely meet buffaloes, be careful.

If you’re in Africa for an animal safari there are better options, but if you’re in Rwanda, this park is well worth checking out.

Interesting Facts

Rwanda has no metro, trams or railways in general.

Rwanda is an agricultural country with approximately 90% of its population employed in agriculture. It is Africa’s most densely populated country, landlocked, and has limited natural resources and industry.

Export goods – coffee, tea, skins. The share of coffee in export earnings usually exceeds 50%. About 80% of import-export operations are carried out through the Kenyan port of Mombasa or the territory of Uganda.

The Rwandan genocide of 1994 undermined a weak economic base and seriously affected human resources, making the country less attractive to foreign investment. On the other hand, Rwanda has made significant progress in stabilizing and rebuilding the economy.

AIDS epidemics have a significant negative impact on demographics. The country is one of the first places in the world in terms of the spread of AIDS among the population. About 30 percent of the population suffer from this dangerous disease.

Rwanda Resorts