Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus Edge Filters More Details: Screen 5.7 Inches and Android 5.1

Long time that rumored and discussed on the version phablet Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, that would with the surname “Plus” and a larger screen keeping the rest of the hardware platform.

We have already seen some that another image of the terminal, leaked photos which is not that they advance too far beyond show a design traced the original S6 Edge but with larger size.

Today have been published some details leaked on the hardware of the device, important details such as your screen, which will be curved on both sides and will go up to the diagonal edge Note Galaxy: 5.7 inch.

It is no accident that speaks of this size, as the two last generations of the phablet Samsung star will have anchored in the 5.7 inch showing a sign that the Koreans are planted here assessing the maximum size of a smartphone.

Obviously, its resolution is QHD 1. 440p to be at the forefront of the market, and it is said also that Premiering in the third quarter of this year with the firmware Android-based 5.1 Lollipop Samsung prepared weeks ago.

How you already adored, There will be no trace of a S-Pen that remains confined to the range Note to give it its own personality, maintaining the aura of the S6 Plus Edge as a smartphone of large format and the Galaxy Note as smartphones aimed at productivity and professional environments.