Samsung Is The First Manufacturer to Start Tests with The 820 Snapdragon Chipset from Qualcomm

Already happened last year when we saw a Galaxy Note 4 with Snapdragon 810, and it is that Samsung always starts very soon with new chipsets testing high end of its usual suppliers.

During the last year Koreans rejected the use of the mentioned Snapdragon 810 for their problems with the temperature, and perhaps this has led Samsung to an unrecognized problem of supplying its chipsets Exynos 7, which, for the first time in several years, became the only option to animate high-end Samsung devices.

What we are saying, is not trivial as the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge have had serious production problems, and now the Galaxy Note 5 restricts its launch markets unless the manufacturer has given a reason too credible.

We now also know that Samsung has already started testing with Qualcomm’s new SoC, a Snapdragon 820 that will attempt to return to the manufacturer of American hardware to the forefront, forgetting the problems of its predecessor.

Already confirmed as that Samsung is the first manufacturer It receives a testing of the 820 Snapdragon platform Qualcomm, and that Koreans appreciate again the possibility that its range of 2016 will have two models, differentiated by the chipset depending on the target market.

We’ll see if Qualcomm recovers so the confidence of which is perhaps his biggest client in the mobile device market, and thus the credibility lost after a tumultuous year. We will watch.