Samsung Not Can The Demand for AMOLED Screens, and HTC Is Alternative

The problem having Samsung to produce AMOLED displays It is more important than it seems, he is preparing a new plant to manufacture units which will be operational in July 2011, but while that materializes we found some victims on the road.

Somehow will be very difficult to find new phones, that you are not Samsung, AMOLED screen short to medium term. HTC has been forced to look for alternatives and it is possible that phones like the Nexus One, Desire or Incredible may not have the excellent Samsung screen.

The division of the Korean company, Samsung Mobile Display, screens controlled 98% of the world production of AMOLED displays, and logically will give priority to its developments. It is expected that the Samsung Galaxy S has sales ranging from 10 to 15 million telephones, most units get Samsung Wave, can make the Koreans to overcome to HTC in global smartphone sales.

In Korea of the South, the operator KT It has had to delay the departure of Nexus One due to the lack of screens, and returning to HTC, It is the found alternative are Super TFT LCD displays developed by S-LCD, company owned in equal parts by Samsung and Sony. Screens keep good autonomy and perhaps better resolution than the AMOLED, but perhaps worst angles of vision and contrast.

The new factory that Samsung prepares exclusively for manufacture AMOLED displays, will be operational in July 2011 and expect that production will increase by 10, getting 30 million monthly screens?.