Samsung Refines the Galaxy Middle Class

Samsung is doing it again: the 2017 generation of mid-size models Galaxy A3 and A5 is similar to strong and chic as their predecessors. Both smart phones are great – there is also a hook?

Samsung shows for some time, it can build not only technically good equipment, but also in the design has something to offer. It started with the Galaxy S6 and fancy smart phones, which had sufficient power and outwardly not Samsung’s S-class had to hide from even the middle class-had the Galaxy A3 and the A5 (2016) in last year were correct. Now the new version is here and she succeeded again in Samsung.

How much does a smart phone? How much memory, processor power, display resolution do I need? Samsung goes with the new a-class sent out these issues. When you look at the data sheet can both models not while denying their middle-class origin, but more importantly: the A3 and the A5 have enough of everything. And with the metal frame and the glossy, curved at the edges back, they look for more.

Of all enough

Enough display resolution: This means HD (1280 x 720 pixels), which is sufficient but for a presentation at the 4.7-inch A3 just once. The larger A5 has full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) at 5.2 inches, this is absolutely sufficient, if the cell is not in a VR glasses. Nice extra: both have an AMOLED display with always on function, show important information such as time, date, battery and notifications in stand by mode.

Enough memory (RAM) and processor performance: Ensures the combination of 2 gigabytes (GB) of RAM and 1.6 GHz eight core chip with the A3. The A5 has slightly more power with 3 GB RAM and 1.9 GHz chip. This is by far not record-breaking, but for most tasks is completely adequate. The fingerprint scanner on the home button responds both afloat, is evident but not as accurate as in the competition, so that they must often rely on unlock alternatives (pattern, PIN). After all: Also the A3 now has the fingerprint scanner on board, in contrast to its predecessor. A modern USB-C connector replaced the micro-USB input – but unfortunately without brisk USB 3.1.

The internal memory is somewhat scarce at the A3: 16 gigabyte are fixed, via MicroSD can be raised. At least 32 GB – as with the A5 would be better. Who is however, copes with a few essential apps and outsources data such as photos and videos on the external memory, can handle it. The battery capacity is sufficient with 3000 milliampere hours (mAh) at the A5 and 2350 mAh at the A3 in both cases.

Successful cameras

The cameras are managed: the A3 take back photos with 13 mega pixels, the maximum aperture is the aperture value of f/1.9. The front camera has the same maximum aperture value and resolves with 8 mega pixels-that is: enough. The A5 has 16 Megapixel front and rear at same aperture and take nicer pictures, photos of anything what is striking particularly in the front-facing camera.

The camera app is almost identical for two smartphones. Exception: The A5 filming time lapse videos, the A3 has only a burst. The app is pretty intuitive to operate, all important functions are immediately accessible by swipe finger. Here, too, Samsung proves that it can focus on the essentials. Unnecessary buttons and complicated menus? Error display.

Adult medium

You might think that Samsung had grown up: muted colors in the settings menu, stylishly minimalist design for the enclosure. To stay there on the new models of A almost nothing. But it is a pity that Samsung in the A3 has installed not more internal memory. The sale is the A3 for 329 euro, the A5 to 429 euros-these prices are considered as entry prices, they are likely to drop quickly on the market.

So are Samsung’s A models no Super bargains, but solid and reliable everyday companion at a fair price. The A5 is a S7 replacement for smaller budgets, and the A3 is a real eye-catcher in the little occupied size class below the 5 inch.