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Saudi Arabia Resorts and Attractions

Saudi Arabia (the country of two mosques) is a state on the Arabian Peninsula, stretching from the Red Sea to the Persian Gulf. Common borders in the north – with Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, in the east – with Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, in the southeast – with Oman, in the south – with Yemen.

According to smb, the capital is Riyadh. The official language is Arabic. Currency – real. Religion – Islam.

Most of the country’s territory is occupied by a desert plateau. The climate is extremely dry. In Saudi Arabia, Hijaz is distinguished on the Red Sea coast, Najd in the central part of the peninsula, Al-Hasa on the coast of the Persian Gulf and a small region of Asir in the southwest.

The temperature in summer is constantly above +50*С, in the shade +40*С. The temperature in winter is from +20*С, at night the temperature can drop to 0*С.

Resorts and attractions in Saudi Arabia

The Red Sea in Saudi Arabia is a very popular place among tourist divers and deservedly considered one of the best places in the world for scuba diving. It is here that the largest coral reef system in the world (about 200 varieties of coral) is located, which withstands no less pressure from divers than the resorts of Egypt, which lie on the opposite coast of the sea.

Interesting facts

It ranks second (after Russia) in the world in terms of oil production and export.

Women in the country have no rights, women’s literacy is about 65%. Women are not allowed to drive a car, for violating the ban, the punishment is flogging.

Since prehistoric times, the territory of modern Saudi Arabia has been inhabited by tribes who were engaged in cattle breeding, agriculture and hunting. Various civilizations influenced the development of this territory, because it was at the crossroads of trade routes. Since the 6th century, with the emergence of the new religion of Islam, the unification of individual Arab tribes and the spread of the Arabic language and religion can be traced. Islamic civilization remained strong for several centuries. For many years in this territory there were frictions between different directions of Islam. In 1902, ABN El-Aziz bin ABN el-Rahman El Saud, with the help of the Muslim sect Wahhaabitiv, occupied the city of Riyadh, and began the struggle for the unification of the Arabs in a separate state. After 30 years, he succeeded – in 1932, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia officially arose, that is, Saudi Arabia.
It is known that Saudi Arabia was one of the three states that recognized the rule of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Saudi Arabia is the home of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and many of the commanders and combatants who fought against federal forces in Chechnya. Many Chechen separatists have taken refuge in this country since the end of hostilities. The country also has complicated relations with Iran, since both Saudi Arabia and Iran, being the centers of the two main branches of Islam, claim informal leadership in the Islamic world.

Export goods – oil and oil products account for 90% of all exports. Export partners – USA 18.2%, Japan 14.9%, South Korea 9.5%, China 6.1%, Taiwan 4.5%, Singapore 4.1%.

The government has invested heavily in blocking access to sites deemed indecent, the list of which is said to range from religion to swimwear. In February 2002, the authorities closed over 400 sites without explanation. You can unofficially use the Internet through Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. It is believed that two thirds of Internet users are women, which is obviously related to their limited freedom of movement in Saudi society.

Sports in Saudi Arabia are mainly practiced by men. Women rarely participate in sports and always without the presence of men – this often happens in indoor gyms.

Saudi Arabia Resorts