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Seychelles Resorts and Attractions

Seychelles is an island state in the western Indian Ocean (100 islands, 33 of which are inhabited). According to smb, the capital is Victoria. Religion – Catholicism.
The official languages ​​are English, French and Creole. From November to March, time is ahead of Moscow by 1 hour.
The monetary unit is the Seychellois rupee, equal to one hundred cents. 1$ is equal to approximately 5.50 rupees, 1 euro – 6.60 rupees. Major hotels and most shops accept the most common credit cards.

The archipelago is located between 4 and 10 degrees south latitude in the Indian Ocean, northeast of the island of Madagascar. The largest islands are Mahe, Pralais and La Digue. Mahe is the capital of the state of Victoria and the international airport. Paradise islands of unprecedented beauty, each of which is beautiful and unique in its own way: immersed in bright tropical greenery, warm waves of the Indian Ocean, caressing white sandy beaches, slender palm trees leaning over the coast. The Seychelles is a real museum of wildlife, with endemic flora and fauna. Giant elephant tortoises, unique sea coconut palms (in the Middle Ages, the fruits of this palm, weighing up to 20 kg,

The duration of the flight from Europe to Mahe by direct flight is about 9 hours.
The country’s income items are tourism and fishing.

Useful phone numbers
Phone numbers of the Russian Embassy in Victoria: +(248) 26-6590, 26-6122, 26-6653
Aeroflot Representative Office: + (248) 22-50-05.
Police, fire service, ambulance: 999

Air temperature all year on average +27*С, water temperature all year on average +27*С.
The most favorable months are June-July. The rainiest November-February.
The climate is tropical monsoon. The islands of the archipelago are not aware of the debilitating heat of continental Africa, located at the same latitude. Conventionally, a cool and dry season, a warm and wet season, and two intermediate periods are distinguished here. From June to October, rain is less frequent, relative humidity levels are lower, the sea is often rough, and the air is somewhat fresher than in other months. From December to April the temperature rises to +30*C, humidity rises, showers are frequent, sometimes very heavy, but usually short. The best periods between dry and wet seasons are April – June and September – November. Light wind, short showers, calm ocean, pleasant warmth.

Visa is issued upon arrival free of charge. You must present a passport with a validity of at least 6 months, a return ticket and a service voucher. The departure airport tax is $40, children under 12 are not charged.

Resorts and attractions Seychelles

Today, the flora and fauna of the Seychelles are among the most unique in the world, the nature of these islands has been preserved almost untouched, as it was many centuries ago.

The Seychelles are 115 unique islands, the largest of which are the island of Mahe (here is the capital of the Seychelles – Victoria, as well as the international airport), the islands of Praslin and La Digue. Guests of the country can stay here in upscale hotels, as well as in exotic bungalows.
The Seychelles will provide you with a wide range of opportunities for a full, varied, vibrant holiday for every taste. Soak up the sun on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, swim in the clearest waters of the Indian Ocean, travel around the Seychelles, spend an unforgettable evening on the ocean or in a romantic bungalow – far from a complete list of pleasures for body and soul that you can afford in the Seychelles islands.

The Seychelles is located in the Indian Ocean, it is an archipelago that consists of 115 islands, of which only 20 are inhabited. There are many opportunities for water sports in the Seychelles. Many specially go to the island to snorkel, windsurf, dive, ride on a yacht. The Indian Ocean is rich in underwater life.

Seychelles unfortunately do not have a rich excursion program. And that’s probably the only thing they don’t have. Moreover, there is something to see here. Nature gave these islands the richest sandy beaches, magnificent landscapes, palm trees and warm sea. In general, there is everything that a person needs for complete happiness. But the Seychelles are rich not only in nature. The hotels here are of the highest quality and with excellent service.

Interesting facts

While in this magnificent country, do not be too lazy to travel to several islands, because the Seychelles is not in vain a Mecca for many scientists, biologists, ornithologists from all over the world, as well as for professional photographers. Nature, the beauty of the Seychelles is simply beyond description! Here grows sea coconut, known for its unusual shape, black parrots and giant elephant tortoises.

The sights of the country, such as the Seychelles Morne Reserve, the Botanical Garden and the May Valley on the island of Mahe, the most beautiful beach of the Indian Ocean, Anse Lazio, are undoubtedly worth your attention. Holidays in the Seychelles – of course, the pleasure is not cheap.

The islands were discovered in 1502 by the navigator Vasco da Gama.

Due to long-term isolation in the flora and fauna of the Seychelles, there are endemics – reptiles, plants and birds that are found only in this archipelago. For example, the Seychelles palm grows only in the Seychelles. Her nut weighs 20 kg. and is considered the largest in the world.

On the islands there are giant Aldabra tortoises, which are long-lived (up to 150 years) and weigh 250 kg.

There are no problems with the exchange of cash currency. This can be done already at Mahe International Airport. It is recommended to bring cash US dollars or travelers checks in the same currency to the Seychelles. Prices for goods, especially for souvenirs, are world-class here, and bargaining is usually inappropriate. Coconut soap and coconut liquor are popular as souvenirs. For exported natural souvenirs, it is necessary to obtain a permit, which, as a rule, is issued if there is a certificate of their acquisition in an official way (a check confirming that the item was officially purchased). Women are advised to wear light cotton clothing, shorts and sandals. Men will feel comfortable in shorts and an open-necked shirt. However, it should be remembered that in the evenings in many restaurants and hotels you should dress more strictly. Perhaps the only danger to swimmers are sea urchins and some poisonous fish. You can avoid unpleasant encounters by swimming in a safe place and at the same time observing some caution, it is recommended to wear bathing slippers.

No vaccinations are required, you must take mosquito cream and sunscreen.

The import of drugs, weapons (including pneumatic and for spearfishing), vegetables, fruits, plants, non-canned meat and meat products is prohibited. Import and export of national and foreign currency is not limited. The export of coco de mer coconuts, shells, corals, turtle products is prohibited.

Seychelles Resorts