Six Functions of Allo That Facebook Messenger Probably Copied Very Soon

Google Allo takes already one week with us and it has garnered more than one million downloads. It is not much to come where it comes, although it is not little. The application is still very green, that is undeniable, although it must be recognized that it has some other good ideas including.

The problem – or not-good ideas is that frequently comes another and copy them yourself, blurring the motives by which someone should use your application if the other already had done the same. Facebook is somewhat an expert in this, with examples ranging from the launch of Google + the inspiration of Snapchat in Messenger and Instagram. The next victim could be Google Allo.

Before you start we must remember that this list is purely speculative and could be that none of what is written here is absolutely fulfilled at all. Another application could be that copy these ideas, or perhaps none sees it necessary. In any case, by style and resources behind the speed of development Facebook Messenger seems to me the most possible candidate to soon integrate these functions of Allo.

1 Message Preview

Message Preview is a new technology from Google that you can send messages to your contacts even if the other person do not have this application installed. Technology has made his debut in Allo but is now open to other applications take advantage of it.

It is a highly interesting for any application messaging function, although Facebook Messenger with its one billion users will not take so much as other more minor applications. Another obstacle is that is based on the phone number, which won’t have all your contacts, to the chagrin of Facebook. In any case, it is likely that Facebook Messenger, at least as proof.

2 cries and whispers

The possibility of shout or whisper in Allo It is one of my favorite, over functions of an Assistant who knows languages and less than what we expected. By sliding the button to send up, is the text or the larger emojis before sending them. Down, smaller.

After using it a couple of times the gesture to slide the button to change the size of the text becomes so natural that it misses missing in other messaging applications. The main applications bet on flat and plain text (except WhatsApp, which has something of the format), but Facebook Messenger takes time trying to be attractive for young audiences “to the Snapchat” and these cries and whispers seem to fit very well in this view.

In addition, let us not forget that Facebook Messenger has something similar, but only works with the chat icon, usually the thumb ‘like me’. The longer you leave pressed the button, largest is sent.

3. the incognito mode

The incognito mode of Google Allo the secret talks Facebook Messenger they are practically identical. They are encrypted from device to device, messages can expire and disappear automatically and can also live with normal conversations.

The difference is in the small details. In Allo you can start a conversation incognito from the floating button, while on Facebook, you must enable a somewhat hidden button. In addition, the incognito mode is a name known and less mysterious that the secret talks, which makes it more accessible.

4. the wizard

Copy the Google Wizard is probably more difficult, given everything you know Google it. If anyone can do it, that is probably Facebook, which has been a good while working on necessary components from the integration of in the chat bots up to various artificial intelligence initiatives.

Outside the United States we can hardly do much with bots on Messenger (apart from playing chess and send pictures of puppies), but it is a matter of time that the bots will improve and extend. The wizard of Google has a great advantage, but it may not last you forever.

5 search chats

Being a Google application, could not miss the search engine. Allo Finder does not disappoint, with a quick search in the names of the contacts and the chat history. It is not the case of the search box on Facebook Messenger, which apart from grab a good piece of the interface, just search users including all people and sites that probably not interested.

Do not remember exactly a conversation? Then good luck, because although all posts – except the secrets – are stored in the cloud of Facebook, Messenger will not let you search in history. Yes you can do it from the Facebook website, but the truth is that it is very slow and leaves much to be desired.

6 intelligent responses

Allo intelligent responses are a somewhat controversial feature, because there will be bothered who is to respond with answers pre-recorded instead of taking the trouble to write a message. In any case, after the initial shock, it is so fast and easy to use are finally available in more languages probably use end normalizing.

For now Facebook Messenger only offers you a “smart answer”, the button of I like. If someone tells you something that you agree, instead of writing something you can simply clubbing button. It would be not unreasonable therefore to think that more options there are in the future.